What is the real age of Karishma Manandhar ? She still looks very young

Karishma Manandhar celebrated her birthday three days ago, on February 4. According to my calculation, she has turned 48 years old – almost half-a-century. But, when you look at the following photo, taken today at Kanchhi Musical Night event, you will be surprised by her beauty and fashion sense.

How old is Karishma?

According to news reports, Karishma has turned 46 years old. But, that age is impossible because of the following facts:

Karishma debuted in ‘Santaan’. The movie featuring Bhuwan KC in her opposite was released in 2042 BS. Currently it is the end of 2074 BS. That is, the movie was released 32 years ago. Karishma claims, she was 14-years-old at that time. When you look at her body structure in the movie, she seems much older than 14. She might have been 16 years old at that time.

At that time, movies were made in celluloid technology – a slow and tedious process of film making. The making of movies in those time was a slow process and ofter took more than a year to produce a movie. So, even if the movie was released on 2042, it is likely made at least a year ago, probably in 2041.

In the worst case, if Karishma was 16 in 2041, her age today will be 49 years-old.

If we believe Karishma and agree that she was 14 years old in 2041, she still is 47 years old.

I wish Karishma a belated happy birthday and wish her a very successful year ahead in her political career, her education and her plan of producing and directing a movie.

Karishma is planning to introduce her daughter as an actress in her upcoming movie. Karishma’s daughter had recently returned from the USA after the completion of her bachelor’s degree.

Karishma is also going to a school to complete her studies that she left after being successful as an actress. Karishma had only completed grade seven when she debuted as an actress. After that, she didn’t go back to school.

In the late 40s, Karishma went to schools and passed her grade 8 from Galaxy Public School. She is currently enrolled in grade 9.

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