Karishma Manandhar turns 46, the evergreen actress still looks young

Actress Karishma Manandhar has turned 46 on February 4, 2017. Despite of her age, she still looks young and fit.

A video report about Karishma’s birthday.

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Karishma Manahdhar’s past

Karishma was born in Jharuwarasi, Lalitpur as the elder daughter of an army major father, Chhetra Bahadur KC and mother Komal KC. Karishma has a younger sister with her mother and two elder brothers from another mother. Karishma’s father had died when she was little. She spent her childhood in poverty with her single mother at Baneshowr, Thapagaun.

Actress Karishma Mannadhar entered the Nepali film industry as an actress at the age of 15 in ‘Santan’, in 1990. After the completion of  the shooting of her second movie ‘Mayalu’, Karishma realized that she need to get training in acting and went to Mumbai to train herself. While in Mumbai she also acted in Hindi movies. But, her Bollywood attempt wasn’t successful.

After a year in Mumbai she returned back to Nepal to be featured in ‘Kasturi’. After that she did ‘Arunima’,’Manakamana’ and ‘Tapasya’.

For the first time in 1994, Karishma was featured with Rajesh Hamal in ‘Bhauju’.

(Photo credit – Online Khabar)

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Karishma Manandhar turns 46, the evergreen actress still looks young
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