When a 7 year-old kid operates an excavator

dahwa-operates-excavator What do you do when your 7 year-old-kid wants to drive your car?

What if it is an excavator ?

If I were you, I wouldn’t let him drive/operate it. There is a valid reason, an underage person is not allowed to drive. They can do anything with a vehicle but drive. Kids play video games much better than an adult. I know, my 5 year-old can drive a car if I let him. It is nothing more than playing a video game… a real game.

In Nasika 7, Kavrepalanchowk, Dhawa Fanji Lama operated an excavator. That was not surprising. What surprised me more was that, everybody from high level government officials to school teachers and journalists were praising the kid.

dahwa-operates-excavator-with-teachers District Education Officer, Ramsaran Sapkota, PABSON Chief, Jagan Nath Adhikari, school Principal Shyam Bhujel, and Rajesh Lama were some of the people who witness the kid operate the excavator and thanked him for his feat. (Photo and video source – mechikali)

UPDATE: A daily, Nayapatrika, reported that the parents are planning to apply for the kid’s entry in the Guinness World Record Book. If he succeeds, it would surely be a good thing – one more record holder from Nepal. But, I still think that is a day dream. Nayapatrika is known to publish news without much research and an example of which is a news about a guy challenging Archimedes’ principle.

Some videos of the kid operating excavator are posted below:

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