When Shrinkhala shared her brother’s indecent childhood photos

On his birthday, Miss Nepal 2018, Shrinkhala Khatiwada shared some childhood photos of her brother. Most of the users have appreciated her sharing those cute photos, others have told that they wouldn’t like a sibling to share their bathing photos in social media.

By the photos it is clear that Shrinkhala’s brother loves her very much. He always used to have that caring hand wrapped around her all the time – in the same way.

Belated happy birthday to Shrinkhala brother Beeeeemli!

What do you think of Shrinkhala sharing her bother’s photos? Please comment.

And this – an old post:

Looks like those two photos are her favourite photos. She had also shared the same photos two years ago on January 17 of 2017:

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