Who is Ujju Darling?

A trans-gender character interviewing in Nepal 1 television for the last few years, Ujju Darling, is actually a family man with two kids. Ujjwal Bhandari was born to mother Chhidudevi Bhandari and father Bhuwaneshowr Bhandari on August 25, 1970 in Kathmandu.

ujju darling with sumina ghimire

Ujjwal and his wife Pushpa have two sons aged 10 and 19 years.

ujju darling with sons and wife

When asked if he is really a transgender, Ujjwal says that every person has traces of male and female characters, but, he is an artists and he performs to support his family. In the start – for the first 5/10 episodes, his wife used to complain that her friends made fun of her. But, these days is she is fully supportive.

While being featured as a transgender, Ujjwal has faced various incidents. One of the most memorable incident was an extreme one-side-love of a guy towards him. He says about eighty percent of his fans are female and that some guests had felt uneasy to be interviewed by him and had refused to participate in the show.

ujju darling in nepali dress up

During the show times, Ujjwal does the dress-up himself and make up artists help him get ready for the show. He brings all the dresses (of his wife) he uses in the show. In more than 350 shows so far, Ujjwal has worn more than 95 percent of his wife’s clothes. He also gives some rental amount to his wife for letting him use her clothes.

In addition to doing the show, Ujjwal has also written a book named ‘Ujju Darling’. The book is currently in press and will be released soon.

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