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UPDATE on August 19, 2015 – An introduction to Nag Panchami audio/video added. UPDATE on July 31, 2014 – two posters added at the end.

Nag posters for Nag Panchami. Click on the posters to download the bigger version. You can print them or keep as desktop wallpaper.

Introduction to Nag Panchami

The devotees in Kathmandu go to Taudaha Lake, Naagpokhari to worship the Naag. Another holy lake, Naagdaha at Dhapakhel in Lalitpur also get crowded during the Naag Panchami worshipping.

In the Naagpokhari in Naxal, Kathmandu, a Naagpokhari Festival is organised during the festival to make the youth aware of our cultural heritage and religion.


nag_panchami_Page_1 nag_panchami_Page_2

Happy Nag Panchami

nag panchami - poster 3 nag panchami - poster 1

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  1. happy nag panchni


  3. Happy Naag Panchami….naag devata

  4. happy naag panchami

  5. happy naag panchami.

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