10 Love Stories of celebrities (Mithila Sharma, Rajesh Hamal to MaHa Jodi)

I have been creating love stories in my YouTube channel for some time and they are the most popular videos among my viewers. I have collected the most popular love stories of Nepali celebrities.

Most popular love stories

Mithila Sharma and Motilal Bohara love story (3,70,000 views): The love story between the two is different from others because they got married when the groom was in his 70s and the bride in her 50s. That is the time they are usually grandparents (or great-grandparents in some cases).

Husbands of Miss Nepal (2017 edition) – 3,55,000 views – Miss Nepal are the celebrities every young girls dream to be and every guy want to marry. This is the report about the husbands of the most beautiful girls in Nepal.

Hari Bamsha Acharya and Ramila Pathak love story (2,66,000 views) – Hari Bamsha Acharya’s love story is one of the most popular love story in Nepal. His immense love to his first wife Mira Acharya and her death caused Acharya to go in a long depression. His second wife, a widow herself, came to the rescue. The love story is heart touching and interesting.

Aryan Sigdel and Sapana Bhandari love story – Aryan is one of the most popular male celebrity in the Nepali film industry. His wife Sapana Bhandari is also a beauty – who some believe, might start an acting career. This is a report on whether she would choose to be an actress or a housewife.

Rajesh Hamal’s parent’s love story – The love story of the parents of the super star of Nepali film industry is much more popular than that of his own. His love story with Madhu Bhattarai is also full of suspense and twists. But, the love story of his parents is also an out-of-the world love story in the ancient time.

Late prince Dipendra and Divyani Rana love (how they met) – I need to talk about this love story in upcoming video because, this is just a touch in the strange love story between the two. I will certainly work on the video in future.

Bhuwan KC love story: The playboy of the Nepali film industry is never old when girls are concerned. He is currently having affair with actress Jiya KC. They were seen together with his son, Anmol KC in Holi 2018. It is an interesting video to watch:

Madan Krishna Shrestha love story : the other half of MaHa-jodi – Madan Krishna’s love story is very heart-touching too:

Dhurmus and Suntali love story: Dhurmus and Suntali are the best comedy actors in the film industry. They are also the role-model social workers. It is about an interesting incident that germinated love between the two.

Rajesh Hamal love story: And, the love story of the Mahanayak:

Which love story do you like the most? Please comment.

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