108 feet statue being built in Bhaktapur

tallest_statueAn 108 ft. statue, featuring Lord Shiva holding a Trishul in one hand, is being built in Sanga, Bhaktapur. The statue is expected to be finished in a couple of months.

The work on the statue started three year back with the financial support of Kamal Jain, owner of Hiltake water tank company. Jain, an Indian national, has been doing business in Nepal for the last 18 years.

The concept design of the statue was prepared by an Indian engineer, Maturam Verma. Five Indian sculpturers and 100s of Nepali workers are working in finishing the statue before Shiva Ratri, a festival of Shiva. NRs. 20 millions has already been spent in the construction of the statue.

Jain believes that the statue will be helpful in development of tourism in the area.

The builders claimed it to be the tallest statue in Asia, which is not true. The tallest statue in the world is a Buddha statue located in China (yes, in Asia) with a height of 420 ft. The statue includes a 20 m (66 ft) lotus throne. Placed on a 25 m (82 ft) pedestal/building. 153 m (502 ft) total monument height.

There are many statues taller than 108 ft. and many of them are located in Asia. But, it sure is one of the tallest statues in the world. Here is a list of tallest statues in the world. (source – Nepal weekly)

3 thoughts on “108 feet statue being built in Bhaktapur

  1. i can see the statue from my home clearly that up close . i live in nalinchock bhaktapur . that statue rock . they panted the statue golden with 500 kg copper . preety cool ha it rock

  2. As much as i know the builders dont claim that it is the tallest statue but , yes they do claim that it is the tallest lord shiva statue in the world and the tallest hindu religion statue. you may say that the tallest hindu religion statue is the one in malaysia but they are adding the foundation height also where as if they add it ,it comes to be 108 + 36 feet foundation which is equal to 144 feet. there is no statue in hindu religion taller than that. so i would give you a suggestion that from now please dont put a article without knowing the sufficient infomation about it.

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