Feeling good about protest

CPN Maoist in Nepal is in street against the current government. It is good they are not burning tires or breaking fences. They are singing and dancing and to protest the government. If every protest were like the ones we can see on street these days we wouldn’t have such a detest to such activities in future.

एकिकृत नेकपा माओवादीको दोस्रो चरणको आन्दोलन अन्तर्गत बुधबार जिल्ला प्रशासन कार्यालय दोलखा अगाडि धर्ना दिने क्रममा कार्यकर्ताको गीतमा नाच्दै
नेकपा माओवादीकी सभासद देवी खड्का। तस्विर : रमेश खतिवडा

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Tejula Khatiwada wants to be bold enough

Did you know about Tejula Khatiwada? Neither did I.

Looks like she wanted people to know her. That might be the reason why she is telling that she has no problem shedding clothes in movies.

Well, she is an actress and her debut movie “The Most Wanted” isn’t released yet. She is also signed in another unnamed movie. Apart from playing in movies she had played in some music videos and two video films named Jawaf and Dushman, in the past.

The 22 year old actress from Sindhuli thinks acting skill combined with some bold scenes makes a film successful. It is yet to be seen how skilled she is in her acting and bold scenes. You can read a short interview of the new actress in Nepali here (sorry, the link is not working).

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Film artists postponing shooting to play football

football_actress Nepali film artists are preparing themselves to play a friendly football match against journalists, this Saturday. Nagariknews reported that some of the artists in the team have postponed their shooting schedules of Saturday to other days. The match will be played in the Dasharath Stadium in Kathmandu. Some of the noted lead actors in Nepali movie Rajesh Hamal, Dhiren Shakya, Sri Krishna Shrestha, Raj Ballav, Jeevan Luintel, Biren Shrestha, Rajesh Dhungana, Arjun Karki are included in the team.

Noted villain character in Nepali movies, Sunil Thapa, has arrived from Palpa shooting spot of “Gorkha Paltan” to practice for the game. Other actors in the artist team include Alok Newang, Shovit Basnet, Shovit Basnet, Yogendra Shrestha, Targen, Badri Pangeni and Mahadev Tripathi.

Apart from the actors, film actresses Rekha Thapa, Jharana Thapa, Sanchita Luintel, Rejina Upreti, Arunima Lamsal, Richa Ghimere, Nandita KC, Usha Poudel, and Suvechhya Thapa are also named in the team.

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