Nepali Movie – Rocky

Nepali Movie – Rocky
Starring – Dinesh Sharma, Rojan Rakhal, Anu Shah, Tejula Khatiwada etc.
Director – Dinesh Paudel

About ‘Rocky’

The movie ‘Rocky’ is an action movie featuring martial arts and social drama is produced by Arjun Rai. The movie features the choreography by Krishna Achhami, cinematography of Anil Basnet, action of Ram / Janak, editing and background score by Roshan Lamichhane. Produced by Dinesh Rakhal. Script is written by the director Dinesh Poudel. Music is composed by Palan Bimali and Sawan Subba. Playback singers are Palan Bimali, Anjana Gurung, Sarita Panthi and Anju Panta.

Watch ‘Rocky’ full movie:
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Actress Tejula Khatiwada married a lawyer

Nepali actress of ‘The Most Wanted’ and ‘Just For You’, Teluja Khatiwada has married Suman Raj Basnet of Birtamod, Jhapa. The marriage ceremony was organized in Kathmandu on February 18, 2017 at Kundalini Durbar banquet. Film artists, journalists and family members were invited in the cremony.

Who is Tejula Khatiwada?

The bride, Tejula Khatiwada was an actress of the Nepali film industry. She debuted in ‘The most Wanted’ but wasn’t much successful as an actress. I wrote about Tejula Khatiwada in 2009. She had told that she wanted to be a bold actress then. (read the post) Apart from movies, she had also worked in video films, and music videos. Here are some of her movies:

Watch ‘The Most Wanted’ here.

Watch ‘Jawaf’ here.
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Nepali Movie – Jawaf

jawafNepali Movie – Jawaf
StarringKaran Crazy, Shila Pandey, Tejula Khatiwada, Sahadev KC, Baldev Khadka, Devendra Thapa, Anila KC, Kopila Khadka etc.
Director – Dinesh Poudel

Nepali movie ‘Jawaf’ is a presentation of Chandrama Media House by Bhuwan Gorkhali. Actor Dinesh Sharma is featured in a special role in the movie. The movie features the music of Ashok Rai, choreography by Rupesh Upreti, story / script / dialogue by Ram Budhathoki, action of Asta / Dev, cinematography by Indra Kumar Nagarkoti and editing by Jayaram Nagarkoti.

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Nepali Movie – The Most Wanted

the_most_wantedUttarganga Films P. Ltd. presents Ram Bhakta Shrestha’s
Nepali Movie – The Most Wanted
StarringNikhil Upreti, Rajesh dhungana, Rejina Upreti, Madan Das Shrestha, Sushil Pokharel, Subhadra Adhikari, Laxmi Giri, Ramit Dhungana, Tejula Khatiwada (Guest)etc
Writer / Director – Dinesh Poudel

Nepali movie ‘The Most Wanted’ is an action movie featuring Nikhil Upreti and Rejina UPreti in leading roles. The script of the movie is written by the director, Dinesh Poudel.
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Desperate to get roles in movies ?

Sugam Sharma Among rumors of wide-spread sex exploitation in Nepali film industry, new (to-be)actresses are announcing their ‘bold’ intentions. These new actresses are desperate to get a role in movies. These new actresses are unsure of their talents and want to succeed based on body exposure.

The 18-year-old beauty Sugam Sharma has come to Kathmandu from Chitawan with a dream to be a film actress. Sugam claims that she is very good in dancing and she had own numerous prizes in school competition. She has done some modeling and music videos in Chitawan. She also told that she is willing to “expose as much as the story demands”.

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Tejula Khatiwada wants to be bold enough

Did you know about Tejula Khatiwada? Neither did I.

Looks like she wanted people to know her. That might be the reason why she is telling that she has no problem shedding clothes in movies.

Tejula Khatiwada

Well, she is an actress and her debut movie “The Most Wanted” isn’t released yet. She is also signed in another unnamed movie. Apart from playing in movies she had played in some music videos and two video films named Jawaf and Dushman, in the past.

The 22 year old actress from Sindhuli thinks acting skill combined with some bold scenes makes a film successful. It is yet to be seen how skilled she is in her acting and bold scenes. You can read a short interview of the new actress in Nepali here (sorry, the link is not working).

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