Rekha's Skirts story and Hifajat (photos)

Rekha wants to be on the top of the news when her movie is in theaters. You can consider this as another ‘stunt’ of Rekha to promote the movie ‘Hifajat’. What would be more sexier way to promote a movie than talk about skirt … some sexy mini-skirts?

Rekha told that she loves Summer only due to the fact that skirts can only be worn in the season. Rekha also told that she uses her huge collection of skirts in her movies… like Hifajat.

According to Rajdhani Daily, “In Hifajat, Rekha wears nothing but skirts till the interval (half-way) of the movie,” Rajdhani adds, “Rekha had prepared 30 mini-skirts for the movie”. In addition to that Rekha wore 10 mini-skirts she brought from Japan recently. Rekha adds,  “I have worn 22 skirts in the movie”.  [I am not that good in maths, you have to figure-out how many she wore in the movie. Or, you can go to the theater to find out – that is what Rekha wants.]  Continue reading