Rajesh Hamal turns 46, celebrates with disabled

Rajesh told, “I have turned 46 from today.”


Celebrities prefer to celebrate their birthdays with big parties and on the costliest hotels. But, Rajesh Hamal‘s preference was a bit different from other celebs in general. He went to meet his sister Maina Suchikar in Nepal Apanga Sangha, Khagendra Nava Jeevan Kendra.

Rajesh had made Maina, a disabled girl, his sister and he had been visiting the Kendra to celebrate his birt
hday for the past twelve years. To celebrate the birthday, Rajesh Hamal arrived in the Kendra at 11:15 with a big cake, and other food items. 

Hamal, born in 1964 in Palpa, Tansen, since starting his film career with his first film Yug Dekhi Yug Samma in 1994, he has remained the first choice of filmmakers and the audience as well. In his 20 years of filmy career, Rajesh has acted in more than 250 movies. Rajesh is also considered one of the top actors in Nepali movie industry. Hamal has also been given the title of Mahanayak (top actor) by the industry and his fans. With a Master’s degree in English Literature from Punjab University, India, Hamal is also known to be an intellectual within the film industry.

In his birthday, Hamal has many wishes and one of them is to direct a movie in the coming year. “I have always be en interested in filmmaking. I will
definitely direct a film by 2011,” he said, “I won’t promise that I will come out with something unbelievable but there will definitely be a new touch to it.”

To the disappointment of some, marriage is not one of the his birthday wishes. At 46, he still says, “I am not saying I will never get married.”