Rajesh Hamal 51st birthday, does he still miss Mania Suchikar?

Rajesh Hamal turned 51 years-old on June 9. In Nepali calender, his birthday is on Jestha 27 but, he celebrates his birthday according to the western calendar. On his birthday, Rajesh didn’t have any celebration plans. On his Facebook, he has shared a last year’s photo of his birthday celebration. In fact, Rajesh hasn’t properly celebrated his birthday since the death of his foster sister in 2012.


In the past, Rajesh used to go to Khagendra Navajiwan Kendra to celebrate his birthday. He had a foster-sister, Maina Suchikar, with whom he used to celebrate his birthday. When Maina died in 2012 his birthday rituals changed after 13 years of celebrating it with her. (read more – Rajesh’s 46-years birthday celebration in 2010). After that he didn’t celebrate birthday until the 50th Golden Jubilee birthday celebrations in Australia.  

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Bhaitika of Nepali actors and actresses

Today is Bhai Tika, the main day of Tihar. On this day, brothers and sister offer tika and gifts to each others and wish longevity of the lives of each other. We have collected information about how some of the actors and actresses in Nepali movie industry celebrate Bhai Tika.

All three sisters of actor live in the US. As he is currently in the US, Rajesh will celebrate Bhai Tika with his sisters after a long time. In previous years, Rajesh Hamal used to celebrate Bhai Tika with Maina Suchikar (Maina has recently died).

Actress Namrata Shrestha has two elder brothers and she celebrates Bhai Tika with them. For gifts, Namrata offers sweets and other undisclosed gifts to her brothers on the day.

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Rajesh Hamal flying to the US today

Nepali superstar is going to the USA to participate in various cultural programs on the occasions of the biggest festival in Nepal, Dashain. The Qatar Airways takes off in the evening today. He was invited by United Nepal to participate in Dashain Cultural program.

Apart from participating in cultural programs, he will celebrate Dashain and Tihar there and return back after Tihar. In previous years he used to celebrate Tihar with his foster sister, Maina Suchikar in
Khagendra Nava Jiwan Kendra. After the death of Maina, Hamal decided to celebrate Tihar with his own sisters living in the US.

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Rajesh Hamal's foster-sister Maina Suchikar died

Nepali top actor ‘s foster sister of 19 years, Maina Suchikar, has died of pneumonia on Monday Sept 10, 2012.  The disabled lady died while being treated for the last ten days in Shankarapur Hospital in Jorpati, Kathmandu.

While shooting for a movie named ‘Aparadh‘ in Khagendra Nava-Jeevan Kendra, Rajesh Hamal met Maina and started calling her his sister. After that day, Rajesh Hamal used to visit his sister on every Bhai-Tika and he also used to celebrate his birthday with her.

Rajesh Hamal is currently in a WWF program in Nepalgunj and woldn’t be ab
le to attend the last ritual of Maina.

Rajesh Hamal turns 46, celebrates with disabled

Rajesh told, “I have turned 46 from today.”

Celebrities prefer to celebrate their birthdays with big parties and on the costliest hotels. But, Rajesh Hamal‘s preference was a bit different from other celebs in general. He went to meet his sister Maina Suchikar in Nepal Apanga Sangha, Khagendra Nava Jeevan Kendra.

Rajesh had made Maina, a disabled girl, his sister and he had been visiting the Kendra to celebrate his birt
hday for the past twelve years. To celebrate the birthday, Rajesh Hamal arrived in the Kendra at 11:15 with a big cake, and other food items. 

Hamal, born in 1964 in Palpa, Tansen, since starting his film career with his first film Yug Dekhi Yug Samma in 1994, he has remained the first choice of filmmakers and the audience as well. In his 20 years of filmy career, Rajesh has acted in more than 250 movies. Rajesh is also considered one of the top actors in Nepali movie industry. Hamal has also been given the title of Mahanayak (top actor) by the industry and his fans. With a Master’s degree in English Literature from Punjab University, India, Hamal is also known to be an intellectual within the film industry.

In his birthday, Hamal has many wishes and one of them is to direct a movie in the coming year. “I have always be en interested in filmmaking. I will
definitely direct a film by 2011,” he said, “I won’t promise that I will come out with something unbelievable but there will definitely be a new touch to it.”

To the disappointment of some, marriage is not one of the his birthday wishes. At 46, he still says, “I am not saying I will never get married.”