Rajesh Hamal – the yes-man superstar

rajesh-hamal The success story

Rajesh Hamal, also known as Mahanayak of Nepali film industry, started his career with the movie, Yug Dekhi Yug Samma, and till now he is ruling the industry, continuously. During that period, many talented actors and actresses raised to fame and everyone expected the newcomers to replace Rajesh Hamal. But, none of them could show their magic. Their fame was short lived and couldn’t sustain for long in the top position. For example: Sushil Chettri, Ramesh Upreti, Nikhil Upreti, and Saroj Khanal were considered to be candidate for the next superstar in Nepali film industry. But, their craze dwindled after a short time. At the same time, craze of Rajesh Hamal is still as huge as ever in Nepali movie industry.

It’s not that there were no downs in his career.

A few reason for his successful career are:

  • Great acting (I am a great fan of his acting.)
  • Looks and physique
  • Versatile acting – good in all types of roles like action, romance, comedy and dancing.

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What can we expect when Bhuwan KC becomes a Prime Minister?

Bhuwan KC made news when he joined a political party, Nepal Communist Party United Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML). Almost every media had their own reasoning on the this political gamble of Bhuwan KC. As Bhuwan has a track record of doing something controversial before the release of his movies, many assumed it to be a promotion tool for his upcoming Saathi Ma Timro. But, when asked, he denied the allegation.

Views of various insiders of the Nepali movie industry were also published in the media. Many of those think politics is out of the scope for the artists. Movie artists should serve the country by being a politically neutral person. Few others say that in a democratic country, artists are free to choose whether they join political parties or not. In our neighboring movie industry, Bollywood, and Hollywood there are many examples of actors taking top posts after winning elections.

I called Bhuwan KC to know his version of the story on what caused him to join that particular party.

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