What can we expect when Bhuwan KC becomes a Prime Minister?

Bhuwan KC made news when he joined a political party, Nepal Communist Party United Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML). Almost every media had their own reasoning on the this political gamble of Bhuwan KC. As Bhuwan has a track record of doing something controversial before the release of his movies, many assumed it to be a promotion tool for his upcoming Saathi Ma Timro. But, when asked, he denied the allegation.

Views of various insiders of the Nepali movie industry were also published in the media. Many of those think politics is out of the scope for the artists. Movie artists should serve the country by being a politically neutral person. Few others say that in a democratic country, artists are free to choose whether they join political parties or not. In our neighboring movie industry, Bollywood, and Hollywood there are many examples of actors taking top posts after winning elections.

I called Bhuwan KC to know his version of the story on what caused him to join that particular party.

Bhuwan said, “I am a successful actor in Nepali film industry. I have a huge number of fans and well-wishers all over the Nepal. I have worked in the film industry for over 20 years and have also made some excellent movies," he added, "In my journey in the film industry, I have used different concepts in the improvement of Nepali film industry. All of my movies were good and super hit when compared to other movies."

Bhuwan continued, "I have a dream to take our film industry in an international level. But, for that others should support me in the. That was one of the reason I joined the political party, to get help in the development of our film industry."

In reply to the question on what he thinks on the accusation and frown on his coworkers in the film industry, Bhuwan said, "Some even accused that the party might have offered me money to join it. I have got all that I need and I am leading a very successful life. I don’t need anything more. I am not in politics for money or any other selfish needs."

Addressing the question raised by some that actors shouldn’t join political parties, Bhuwan replied, "I don’t think that actors should not come to politics. Why not? We have got huge number of followers and supporters and we have got many new concepts too. And, if we can use our mind and effort for the development of the country, our fan and supporters will help us in good faith as they support our movies. Nobody should stop an actors to enter politics if he has a right vision for the development of the country."

Why did Bhuwan choose CPN-UML and not other parties?

He said, "I like all the political parties of Nepal and I respect everyone’s vision but, only a few have the vision similar to mine. I found that the political vision of this party coincides with mine, and that is it, I joined. There is no other reason behind the choice of parties. After being involved directly with the party, it would be easy to get help from the government for the betterment of our industry.”

The last question I asked was, "What can we expect from Bhuwan KC when he becomes the Prime Minister of Nepal? And, what are your recent plan on the political career?"


Bhuwan KC replied, "As I joined this party in a selfless manner, I don’t have any political plans for the near future. But, I’ll be politically active after some time when my fans and followers start to like me as a politician. And, (smiling) if I became Prime Minister then Nepali can sleep with peaceful dream; the people can be sure of the development of the country. The people will witness the excellent work I would do for the country. I am sure nobody will have comments on my works for the country and the people."

Bhuwan added, "From the movies I made, anybody can see that I do what I say. That is the reason none of my movies have failed. I will make sure that everything in our country will be well and no one will get any chance to point fingers at me.”

Every time I converse with Bhuwan KC I see the same energy – waiting to do something great and new. This conversion was similar as he has plans for something new and he expects it to be great.

I think actors and celebrity should join politics but, they should also do something fruitful for the country. Politics is about doing something for the betterment of the industry, for the country and the people. In the past actors joined political parties and participated in a few in political programs organized by the parties, and that was it.

If Bhuwan KC could become successful on doing what he said in the interview, more celebrities will be welcomed in the political arena. That day, I will salute Bhuwan on his decision to join the political party!

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  1. bhuwan kc pani tehi dyang ko mula ma jane hola. afno chora lai nai banaune hola pheri mantri and alll haha k bhar nepali ko

  2. hamile aasha garna sakchau ramro desh ko unnati ko ahile ko neta haru bhanda. aru j bhae pani bhuwan ji tapaiko nepali chalchitra chahi nachodnu hola chalchitra ko karaanle

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