Bhuwan KC says he won’t leave UML in a statement

After being removed from the candidate list, actor Bhuwan KC has released a press statement about his future direction. In the statement the CPN UML member and actor told that he will remain faithful to the party and support it in the election.

bhuwan kc

Right after Bhuwan was selected to represent the party in the election, the party members had started to protest his candidacy resulting on the withdrawal of his name from the election candidates. Before that, he had implied that he would join the rival RPP party if he wasn’t made a candidate in the election. Although the political move had convinced the leaders to offer him candidacy only to be withdrawn within a day of it’s publication.

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Both Bhuwan KC and Rekha Thapa removed from the election candidates list

After protests from the party workers, Bhuwan KC was removed from the CPN UML election candidate list. Although he was stated to represent party in Kathmandu constituency 1 in the initial list, he was removed after protest. In the final list, Bidhya Neupane will represent the party in the constituency.

In the similar manner, actress Rekha Thapa was also removed from the final candidate list of the CPN Maoist. When Rekha’s attempt to get ticket in Kathmandu failed, she was successful in getting the recommendation from Parsa district. But, in the final list she was replaced by Baliram Shah in Parsa 1 constituency.

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What can we expect when Bhuwan KC becomes a Prime Minister?

Bhuwan KC made news when he joined a political party, Nepal Communist Party United Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML). Almost every media had their own reasoning on the this political gamble of Bhuwan KC. As Bhuwan has a track record of doing something controversial before the release of his movies, many assumed it to be a promotion tool for his upcoming Saathi Ma Timro. But, when asked, he denied the allegation.

Views of various insiders of the Nepali movie industry were also published in the media. Many of those think politics is out of the scope for the artists. Movie artists should serve the country by being a politically neutral person. Few others say that in a democratic country, artists are free to choose whether they join political parties or not. In our neighboring movie industry, Bollywood, and Hollywood there are many examples of actors taking top posts after winning elections.

I called Bhuwan KC to know his version of the story on what caused him to join that particular party.

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