Keki Adhikari – ‘you won’t see me in valueless movies’

Newcomer actress, Keki Adhikari, is considered an actress with a lot of potential in the Nepali movie industry. Although, none of her movies are released till date, she has managed to gain a considerable amount of publicity in the media. She made news when she announced of not acting in movies till Swor is released. Her accident in Phewa lake during the shooting of I am Sorry also made headlines in the entertainment segments in newspapers. Our friend Raunak had a brief conversation with the actress about her upcoming movie Swor.

Q. How would you you introduce Swor?

A. Swor is a movie consisting of a totally new taste in the Nepali film industry. It’s a musical movie about the friends of college who forms a band and the movie is about the band and their dreams.

Q. Tell us about your character in the movie.

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