Priyanka Karki’s Cannes Film Festival 2019 interview

After, Priyanka was questioned on her Cannes 2019 performance, she has kept herself silent for a while. Keeping silent is not something Priyanka does often. After days of silence, Priyanka shared an interview video without any details on who the interviewer is and for what TV or online the interview as taken. The setting looks like a lobby with a couple in people in the background.

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Nekita Poudel first interview after marriage – about Rabi Lamichhane, resignation

For the first time after marriage Neikata Poudel has spoken with the media about her marriage and her resignation.

Nikita has resigned from the Film Development Board to start working in a hospital in Remote Karnali region. This is a social work to be built under a newly formed Rabi Lamichhane foundation. The hospital named Raskot Community Hospital was announced in January – right after Rabi and Nekita got married.

Rabi Lamichhane is a Nepalese television presenter who set the world record for hosting the longest-ever television talk show. He is affiliated with News24 Television and the interview show was telecasted in April 2013.

One of the most popular TV journalists in Nepal Rabi Lamichhane has married Nikita – daughter of a TV station owner – TV filmy, Uddav Poudel.


Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada, interview (video)

The Miss Nepal 2018, Shrinkhala Khatiwada is a smooth speaker. Apart from being an architect, she is a poet and a writer. She is in control when she speaks. It can be clearly seen in the following interview video of the beauty with brain.

First, watch the following video – an introduction to Miss Nepal.

In the following interview, Shrinkhala has clearly stated that she is not interested in acting or modelling. As she is an architect she is going to work in engineering field. She also talks about the controversy of Miss Nepal International 2017, Niti Shah. She tackled in such a diplomatic way that, it is pretty clear she can deal with such issues if she were in the receiving end.


In the interview, Shrinkhala shows her talent to tackle the question, her clear vision of her future and her views and clarity in politics of the country.
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I will make Priyanka my daughter-in-law, says Ayushman’s mother, Rabina

In an interview, Ayushman’s mother Rabina Desraj said, “I will make Priyanka my daughter-in-law.”

Although parental approval for marriage is a thing of past, it seems the newest love-birds are lucky enough to get the parental endorsement for the marriage. It was Priyanka’s mother Raksha Malhotra’s birthday on June 19, her boyfriend Ayushman Desraj and his mother Rabina Desraj were special guests. After the celebration, they also talked to the media about Priyanka’s relationship with Ayushman.

Watch the interview video:

A day before the interview, Ayushman and Priyanka had kissed in NFDC Award program after winning awards. Priyanka Karki was awarded the best actress award for her role in ‘Chhakka Panja’. Ayushma Desraj was also awarded the best newcomer actor for his role in ‘Chapali Height 2’.
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Jyoti Magar in Jungle Festival in Pokhara, nothing new!

Singer Jyoti Magar is well known for her hot performance. In Pokhara, Jungle Festival, Jyoti performed the same songs and similar style as she used to do in her pervious performances. It is surprising that the viewers find it equally exciting and interesting. Watch a video report:

Jyoti Magar, Bale and Cockroach Babbal Dhamaka in UK

Jun 2, 2016 @ 23:56

The singer Jyoti Magar, comedy actors Bale (Sagar Lamsal) and Cockroach (Hari Niraula) have arrived in the UK for musical comedy program titled ‘Babbal Dhamaka’ in the UK. The artists will perform in various shows starting June 4. The entertaining stage shows organized by Sapan Engertainment Ltd. will feature the hot songs and dance of Jyoti Magar. Bale and Cockroach will be seen in their ‘Bhadragol’ attire with new and original comedy.
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My body is public property – Deeya Maskey in Dhamala Ko Hamala (Video)

Nepali actress Deeya Maskey was featured in the latest edition of the popular program ‘Dhamala ko Hamala’. In the heated conversation between Rishi Dhamala and Deeya Maskey, Deeya has told that she has no objection on showing off her body. She told, “My body is a public property.”

Deeya Maskey added, nobody should tell her what she should do and shouldn’t. She says that artistic nudity should be allowed in movies. While she told that she is against vulgarity, presenting the same thing in artistic way should be allowed. Video report:

Dhamala ko Hamala

A program by Rishi Dhamala, ‘Dhamalako Hamala’ is an interview program. Rishi interviews various personalities and asks them tough questions. The program had also faced criticism for asking inappropriate questions and heated debate. The episode featuring Deeya Maskey is also a heated conversation.

In the interview, Rishi Dhamala was more focused in the bed scenes and kiss scenes in the Nepali movies. He told that such scenes are against the social norms of Nepali society.
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Shristi Shrestha talks about Saugat Malla, ‘We are just friends’

Miss Nepal 2012 and actress Shristi Shrestha has opened her mouth about the rumour of Shristi Shrestha’s affair with actor Saugat Malla. There had be various rumours about their relationship and their meet-ups. Shristi Shrestha has responded to all of those rumours in a text-interview published in an online magazine.

About Shristi Shrestha going to meet Saugat Malla at the shooting location in Pokhara:


Shristi admitted the incident of her meeting Saugat Malla in Pokhara. But, she added, it was not a personal meeting. It so happened that Shristi was in Pokhara for the promotion of her debut movie ‘Gajalu’ and Saugat was in the shooting location in the same place. Being a friend, Shristi went to meet him. She added, the ‘Gajalu’ team was also with her when she met Saugat Malla in Pokhara.  Continue reading

‘We are still in Honeymoon’, Rajesh Hamal says, baby attempt going on

In a conversation with RJ Sabeena Karki, Nepali actor Rajesh Hamal has talked about his personal life and about his wife. Rajesh told his married life is going “fantastic” and he is very happy with his marriage. In the live interview was taken at Time Square in New York, Rajesh told that hew was confused if he should get married or not. He added, “Now, once I am married, I am very happy.”

Video report:

When asked about the child, Rajesh Hamal told that he is still in honeymoon phase. He also added, he is trying to get Madhu Bhattarai pregnant.
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Loot 2 in making, Nischal Basnet interview

The director of the superhit movie ‘Loot’, Nischal Basnet, has told that he has found the story of the sequel of the movie ‘Loot 2’. It seems every successful movies (and event unsuccessful movies) are being made into sequels.

He told that he has also started the writing of the script of the movie. Talking to Setoparda, Nischal told that the formal announcement of the sequel will be done in near future.

Watch the interview:

Nischal told that he is currently busy in the preparation for the marriage. Nischal and Swastima Khadka had recently engaged and going to get married on February 17.

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Will Rekha Thapa return from USA ?

Actress Rekha Thapa is currently in the USA. She had gone to the USA after the second week of May, supposedly for a few days. In the June 18 status update, she is in Elmhurst, New York.

According to an interview, Rekha Thapa has clearly said that she might leave the country. In the attached interview, Rekha has said that we shouldn’t be too attached to the country and consider the whole earth our place.

(the video is not available anymore)

Rekha says, “In the past, I used to think that I will die with the citizenship certificate of this country on my chest.” She says the earthquake has changed her view toward the country.

Before the earthquake of April 25, Rekha Thapa was preparing for the shooting of her upcoming project ‘Rampyari’. The songs were being recorded. The earthquake disrupted the plans and the shooting of the movie is uncertain. In an interview Rekha told, “How can I dance in the songs of ‘Rampyari’ when the country is mourning after the earthquake?”

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Rajesh Hamal and Madhu Bhattarai talk about their relationship in a TV interview

In their US tour, the Nepali superstar and his wife Madhu Bhattarai talked to the local television, White Himal TV. This is the first time the superstar couple has appeared together in a television interview.

In the interview, the couple have discussed about their honeymoon trip, their marriage, relationship and future plans.

Watch the interview video:

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‘I saw Arpan naked with four girls’ Khusbu Oli

Miss Teen of 2006, Khusbu Oli, got a limelight when gangster Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ was killed by the police. Before being involved with Chari, Khusbu Oli was seeing Arpan Koirala.

Summary of Khusbu’s interview:

  • Arpan Koirala wasn’t her boyfriend. She says, he was only a good friend. They worked together from 2008 to 2011.
  • Khusbu went to London to study through Suraj Rajbhandari’s consultancy.
  • Arpan joined her after 3-4 months.
  • Arpan and Khusbu lived together in same building with other family members. But, she also added, Arpan didn’t rent an apartment for her.
  • At the end of 2011 Arpan returned back to Kathmandu and sold his house to invest in a restaurant in London.
  • The business failed and he started taking drug. After Khusbu returned back to Kathmandu, she caught Arpan taking ‘brown sugar’, red handed.
  • She took Arpan to psychiatrist, Dr. Nirakar Man Shrestha in Tripureshowr. The drug to reduce drug craving didn’t work.
  • She took Arpan to Delhi for Arpan’s rehabilitation for 5 days.
  • She caught Arpan naked with four girls.

There are a lot of different information she has revealed in the interview.

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Rajesh Hamal, first interview after marriage

After getting married to Madhu Bhattarai last month, Rajesh Hamal talked for the first time to Kantipur’s Movers & Shakers. Samriddhi Rai took the interview in which she asked about his love life, career and future.

The interview published in M&S of Kathmandu Post was taken right before he flew to Australia to participate in the cultural program and the celebration of his birthday on May 30. In Australia he was also honored for his 20-years-long contribution to the Nepali film industry.

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Rajesh Hamal special interview in Rajatpat about Madhu Bhattarai affair

The recent episode of the film related TV program ‘Rajatpat’ featured an interview of . In the interview, Rajesh revealed some of the facts previously not known. Talking about their first meeting, Rajesh told that he had invited her to call him by giving his visiting card. Madhu called him a day before his birthday and they were together on his birthday.

Referring to her passport and official documents Rajesh told that Madhu is 28 years old. That makes the age difference between Rajesh and Madhu more than 20 years.

He also talked about 8-years long affair to a foreign girl and his first affair with his Indian girlfriend when he was 22 years old.

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Diya Maskey, an actress and a serious dancer

Actress Diya Maskey is considered one of the most serious actress in Nepali movie industry. An excellent dancer, Diya, thinks acting is a form of art and likes to take challenges.

In an interview published in a weekly magazine, actress Diya Maskey has told that she considers herself as an artist and feels odd when people address her as an actress. Maskey says, “I know, the word artist has a much wider meaning and actress usually means glamour, show-off and like that. Artists however, have all of them in them.”

When she started acting, she used to think that the actresses were nothing but a glamorous item. But, after entering the field she has realized that acting is much more than that.

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