Bipana Thapa takes her son in Nepal tour

One of the popular actress of the past, Bipana Thapa, is currently in Nepal. She was in Nepal in an effort to promote his sister in the local election held at the end of Baisakh. Bipana’s younger sister, Basana Thapa, was one of the candidates of Nepali Congress as Deputy Mayor of Narayan Municipality of Dailekh district.

Although Bipana and her sister Basana had promoted in the election, Basana couldn’t win the election. She was defeated by CPN (UML) candidate, Sabitra Malla. The vote difference between Sabitri and Basana was only 600.

After the election, Bipana is travelling in different parts of Nepal with her sister and other family members. Bipana has shared photos of them travelling in places like Jumla, Mugu and other beautiful and scenic places. They look pretty happy although Basana was defeated in the election.

Who is Bipana Thapa?

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Selena Gomez shares selfie in a typical Nepali attire (photos)

For the first time after arrival in Nepal, Hollywood model, actress and singer Selena Gomez has posted a photo of her in typical Nepali dress – saree, beads garland and glass bangles. That is, the visit is no longer a secret visit. The photo posted in Twitter has a caption "Sari, not sari. ".

This is the first official indication that Selena is currently in Nepal. We have stumbled upon more than a few unofficial photos of Selena posing with Nepali people in different places.

Selena visited Rapti High School, a school run by UNICEF. She visited the child-friendly classrooms in the school and had spent some time with the children. 

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Rekha Thapa with US scarf, Nepali flag and the love of nation

After reaching the USA, Rekha Thapa had posted a few photos of hers on Facebook, wearing a scarf with UK/US flag printed on it. Some journalists had criticized Rekha for wearing such a scarf and accused her of embracing foreign lifestyle. Such an accusations have hurt Rekha’s sentiment and she told us, “I Love my country Nepal for ever.”

Hurt by the media report, she wore a Nepali flag on her chest. But, to her dismay, nobody noticed the photo and there were no report about Rekha’s love for her nation.

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Nepali Movie – Nepal (2007)

Sudhamshu Joshi presents a romantic movie with action:
Nepali Movie – Nepal (2007)
Starring – , Dhiren Shakya, Sudhamashu Joshi, Deepak Raj Giri, Sajja Mainali, Nirmal Sharma etc.
Music – Sambhujit Baskota
Producers – Rajan Kumar Shahi , Nirmal Sharma
Director – Dayaram Dahal

This is a movie about Nepal, by actor Sudhamshu Joshi. The movie made on a romantic story features the superstar of the Nepali film industry Rajesh Hamal, action star Dhiren Shakya and comedy actor Deepak Raj Giri. The actress is Sajja Mainali.

Deepak Raj Giri wasn’t great in films at that time. He made it big in TV and later produced some of the highest grossing films of Nepali film industry. He is also credited of making comedy a main-stream genre of Nepali films. After his success, MaHa have also started producing similar films like ‘Shatru Gate’ and ‘Dal Bhat Tarkari’.

Sudhamshu is currently living in the USA.

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Nepal or India, who is grabbing land of other nation?

Usually, it is India that grabs Nepali land. Indian nationals used to be heard of taking benefit of the open Nepal-India border to take over land.

But this time, the story is different according to an Indian television news channel. The channel claims that thousands of villagers in seven border districts of Bihar have lost their land and homes to encroachers from Nepal – triggering a significant rise in violence and conflict along the state’s border with the Himalayan Kingdom.

On Thursday, the online news of CNN-IBN, a prominent Indian news channel, reported :

The land grab, it appears, has its genesis in a warped century old border treaty. The Indian authorities’ inability to ensure pillars demarcating the border stays intact, making it worse.

According to CNN-IBN news, villager Rashud Ansari, has said, Nepal is occupying the land which should be part of Bihar as all the papers for that land are with India and are from India. The local authorities are well aware about this issue but their hand seems tied down. It further writes, “A lot of people here are leaving their homes and are going to other towns because of the amount of problem Nepal is creating in illegally occupying our land,” said Ramesh Kamgaar, a villager.

The report further said, the 600 Km long open Indo-Nepal border is being patrolled by the Sashatra Seema Bal or SSB, India’s border security force. Yet, pillars demarcating the border are regularly uprooted.

CNN-IBN cited Indian intelligence reports which estimates as below: –

716 International border pillars have disappeared along the Indo-Nepal border.

  • 281 pillars out of 716 have been uprooted in Madhubani district,
  • 116 pillars from East Champaran district,
  • 61 from West Champaran and
  • 3 from Araria district.

The report referred the Sugauli treaty signed by the British in 1816, declaring the river Mahakali as the border between the two countries and said the treaty is meaningless as the river has changed course several times southwards into Indian land.

US government nightmare – WikiLeaks released US diplomatic cables – 2600 cables from Kathmandu

A website popular for releasing secret military and government documents, WikiLeaks has started releasing more than 251,000 cables from various embassies all around the world. The website says that the cables from the US Embassy in Nepal counts 2600.

According to the chart in the WikiLeaks website, cables from Kathmandu are:

  • Secret – 84
  • Confidential – 1399
  • Unclassified – 795

That makes a total – 2278. I have no idea what other 322 cables are related to.

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In secular state, Nepal, police arrest Muslim for selling cow meat

It was back in May 18 of 2006, Nepal was pronounced a secular state and was no longer the ‘only Hindu nation in the world’. But, a news published on Nov. 5 in Kantipur and Himalayan Times implies that Nepal is still a ‘Hindu Kingdom’ in practice.

A Muslim from Siraha, Eastern Nepal, Mohammad Sabir, was arrested on charges of selling cow meat. Muslims don’t worship cows, and the "New Nepal" respects every religions.

Then, why is a Muslim arrested for selling cow meat? Is it only because Hindu (80% of the population) don’t eat it? Well, Muslims don’t eat pigs. Does that mean butchers selling pig meat should be arrested ?

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Schoolgirl call girl, ABC TV and journalism ethics

In a latest news about a couple of schoolgirls being arrested for prostitution in Kathmandu, a local TV has been criticized for divulging too much information of the girl while dramatizing the issue.

On October 2, 2010 police arrested two girls from Town Plazza in Naxal. Two pimps named Sanjiv Lama and Som Bahadur Tamang were also arrested with the girls. It is told that they used to charge Rs. 50,000 for a night to customers, however, the girls got only Rs. 10,000. But, the issue is not about prostitution or, cheating the prostitutes, it is about how our journalist cover the news.

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Documentary – Fairytale of Kathmandu

Irish Film Board presents a beautiful documentary

A 2007 documentary by Neasa Ní Chianáin.

Documentary – Fairytale of Kathmandu

On a subject almost impossible to get this close… Celebrated Irish poet Cathal O’ Searcaigh invites his greatest fan Neasa to Nepal.
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