Manoj Pandit’s review and Richa Ghimire’s response to ‘illegal’ website


Manoj Pandit wrote a review of Richa Ghimire‘s movie Brakefail. He wrote – "Richa didn’t look like an heroine in the movie," and published it in a website. Richa got angry, and complained to the police, who arrested Manoj. He admitted his "mistake" in getting personal about the actress. Nagarik published the issue and it was made public.

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In the article, Richa claimed that the website, Merocinema, wrote the negative review because of the fact that she refused to provide an advertisement to it.  She also told, only NJA designated journalists should write movie reviews – all others should only write positive things.

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An eternal flame in Dailekh – Shreesthan Jwala

This flame in Shreesthan, Dailekh is burning forever. The local people worship this place for the “devine power” that has caused the light to burn like this. Those who know a little science believe the flame is lighted by the natural gas that is accumulated in the area underneath.

The area needs a detailed geological investigation to identify the source of the energy and help it to develop commercially.

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