Friday Release – Chhayan and The Famous

On Friday November 18, 2016, two new movies were released in theatres. A Manoj Pandit movie ‘Chhaya’ and Samir Balami’s movie ‘The Famous’ were the new release.



The movie ‘Chhaya’ is about child abuse. According to data, every one girl-child in 4 girls and one in every 6 boy-children are abused in Nepal. The movie produced by Voice of Children and Interact Media addresses the child abuse issue in the society. In many cases, the parents are not aware of such abuses.

The director of ‘Greater Nepal’, ‘Dashdhunga’ and ‘Badhshala’, Manoj Pandit has tried shed light in the ignored aspect of children safety in the society. The movie features Anup Baral, Aruna Karki, Saibrat Acharya, Prabina Khadka, and Prakash Dahal in main roles. The music in the movie is composed by Kali Prasad Baskota.
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Rekha Thapa announces, no Nepali award for her movies

Nepali actress Rekha Thapa has announced that she and her home production movies won’t participate in any Nepali movies award ceremony. She has accused the organizers of manipulating them to award the films of their choice based on personal influences and money.

Rekha has termed all the award ceremonies in Nepal as ‘Room Awards’.

This is not the first time Rekha has expressed her dissatisfaction. Last year, at this time Rekha had accused National Award organizers of asking money for award. She didn’t even go to receive one award she won at that time. Rekha was also accused of not participating in an award ceremony when she couldn’t persuade the organizers to hand her the Best Actress Award.

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Nepali Movie – Badhshala

Nepali Movie – Badhshala
Starring – Anup Baral, Arpan Thapa, Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Sarita Giri, Samuna KC etc.
Director – Manoj Pandit

A presentation of Smashing Apple, ‘Badhshala’ is a film on the torture of Maoist combatants at Bhairavnath barrack of Nepal Army. Released on April 19, 2013, ‘Badhshala’ went through a political controversy after being banned by Nepal Army. The film makers went to street to protest the unjust banning of the movie citing March 8 as the black Friday.

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‘Badhshala’ banned by army, March 8 protested as Black Friday

Nepali movie ‘Badhshala’ has been banned in Nepal and it is a new record in Nepali movie industry. This is the first time a movie is banned even before it is reviewed by the film reviewing body of the government, Nepal Censor Board.

A protest program was organized in Mandala Theater, Kathmandu to protest against the government of banning a work of art. The artists and supporters were carrying protest slogans. Notable personalities present in the protest were director Yadav Kharel, comedy artist Manoj Gajurel, Manoj KC, and Reema Bishowkarma.

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Poster of Badhshala released on Intl Human Rights day

On the occasion of the International Human Rights day (December 10, 2012), the poster of an upcoming movie ‘Badhshala’ was released in Kathmandu. ‘Badhshala’ is told to be made on the story of the abuse of human rights. The poster also features a character ready to be tortured in a room that looks like a windows less army/police torture room.

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85 crore to be spent on a Nepali film ?

A movie named ‘Red Waistcoat’ is registered for production in the Film Development Board to be produced under Sagun Films by producer Rajendra Tripathi. What made this movie special is the budget. The estimated cost of the production of the movie is 10 million Australian dollar, that is about 85 crore in Nepalese rupees.

In an agreement with the director, Manoj Pandit, he will receive a huge sum, Rs 4,75,000 for his contribution to the movie. Pandit told that Tripathi had proposed him for the movie in Shrawan. But, at that time he was busy directing ‘Badshala’.

Pandit told that he has known Tripathi for the last 6 years. So far, Tripathi hasn’t provided the script and told that the movie is to be made on a story of vest (Bhoto) of Rato Machhindranath and it’s theft. Waiting for the script, Pandit is yet to give the consent for the direction. It’s odd how can Tripathi fail to produce script when he has already planned shooting in Australia, Canada and America.

Based on the registration of the the movie Tripathi had applied for visa for the shooting of the movie in Australia and the Australian Embassy had inquired about the registration to the board. Pandit said that the board should have done a background check before the approval of the registration.

Nepali Movie – Dasdhunga

An Apil Bista films production’s movie, based on political leaders Madan Bhandari and Jivraj Ashrit who were killed in an ‘accident’ that happened in the place called Dasdhunga.
Nepali Movie – Dasdhunga
StarringAnup Baral, Sanchita Luitel, Dayahang Rai, BS Rana, Bishow Basnet etc.
Director – Manoj Pandit

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Manoj Pandit’s review and Richa Ghimire’s response to ‘illegal’ website


Manoj Pandit wrote a review of Richa Ghimire‘s movie Brakefail. He wrote – "Richa didn’t look like an heroine in the movie," and published it in a website. Richa got angry, and complained to the police, who arrested Manoj. He admitted his "mistake" in getting personal about the actress. Nagarik published the issue and it was made public.

In the article, Richa claimed that the website, Merocinema, wrote the negative review because of the fact that she refused to provide an advertisement to it.  She also told, only NJA designated journalists should write movie reviews – all others should only write positive things.

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Documentary – Greater Nepal

Menuka Shrestha and Manoj Kumar RC present
Nepali Documentary – Greater Nepal
Producer – Manoj Pandit

Nepali documentary, ‘Greater Nepal’ is about the Sugali Treaty and how Nepal lost a huge chunk of the land to India. The Rana regime dis an agreement with the British rule in India at that time to give up the land on the East and West part of Nepal. Because of that treaty, a large number of Nepali speaking community live in those area including Sikkim, Darjeeling, and Himanchal Pradesh.

Credit – Highlights Nepal

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