LPG Gas Cylinder – don't panic, It's not Expiry Date

Were you one of those who received an email warning your LPG gas cylinder might have expired? The emails comes with the following photo of a gas cylinder with D-06 written in it indicating the fourth quarter of 2006. This coding only applies to the cylinders manufactured in India under the ISI guidelines. As, the cylinders supplied in Nepal are imported from India, they also apply to the cylinders available in Nepal.

The truth is, it is not a "true" expiry date!

It is the date of next Statutory Testing. It sure is riskier to use that has passed the testing date but be assured, the life of the cylinder is not expired. For example, as of now, all the cylinders should have the writing at least A-12 or higher to confirm that the cylinder is tested for it’s safety.


If you haven’t received the warning email, here is what the email looks like:  Continue reading