Kiss Competition in Kina Kina

The movie ‘Kina Kina’ started with an advertisement – an advertisement for an actress who is willing to shed her clothes in a scene. It was more about the promotion of the movie rather than an advertisement in itself. Then, the director Ukesh Dahal announced the ‘hat trick in adult movies’ in Nepali movie industry. And now, kiss is being used as the tool of promotion.

Following poster, one of the posters of the upcoming movie, features four kisses.

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Khagendra kissed Karishma Manandhar

When Khagendra Thapa Magar kissed Rekha Thapa in 2009, it was a huge news. This time he got an opportunity to kiss another hot actress (although, a bit older), Karishma Manandhar. But this didn’t make a big news, may be because Khagendra is no longer a world’s shortest person. Khagendra kissed Karishma in Malaysia during his attendence in Khagendra Utsav, a festival named after him.

Khagendra is such a cute little guy that everybody want to pick him up and take a photo. And it seems, he likes kissing every beautiful ladies he could get hold of.

Make love not… riots – kissing couple in Vancouver

One of the photographs, taken during the Vancouver’s hockey riots, showed a couple lying on the street, kissing, while the chaos erupts around them. Unconcerned about the angry crowd and riot police the couple were acting as if they were in the most romantic place in the world!

The photojournalist, Richard Lam, who took the photograph, was covering the riots, that erupted when the Vancouver Canucks lost 4-0 to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup.

But, later the couple (Scott Jones and his girlfriend, Alex Thomas) told that, they were knocked down by the security personnels.

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