Movie Review – Miss U

The most awaited and hoped-for Nepali movie, Miss U, is released today in theatres all over Nepal. The movie features a story of three best friends, played by Namrata Shrestha, Dillip Raymajhi and Barun Rana. The movie tries to prove the saying that, a boy and a girl can’t be best friend forever. Friends of opposite sex, at some point, can fall in love and either their friendship gets scattered or, becomes weaker or, they might at best be happy couple.


Miss U‘ is the story of three best friends Sanjh (Barun Rana) , Sakshyam (Dillip Raymajhi) and Jasmine (Namrata Shrestha). Their friendship probably started in some foreign college they went together. They have a desire to stay best friends forever. Sanjh falls in love with Jasmine from the beginning but, couldn’t express his feelings towards her. On an incident in a pub, Jasmine came to know about his feelings towards her and accepts his love towards her. In one occasion when Sanjh was in Nepal to meet his family in Dashain, Sanjh and Sakshyam got drunk and had a physical relationship. The Dashain celebration incident is the turning point in the story of the three best friends. Revealing what happens after that would spoil the fun of watching the movie.

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