Nepali Movie – Miss U

Nepali Movie – Miss U …
Starring  – Dilip Rayamajhi, Namrata Shrestha, Barun Rana etc.
Director – Suresh Darpan Pokharel

We did a full review of ‘Miss U’ right after it’s release during the Valentine Day of 2012. The movie is the presentation of DC.

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Movie Review – Miss U

The most awaited and hoped-for Nepali movie, Miss U, is released today in theatres all over Nepal. The movie features a story of three best friends, played by Namrata Shrestha, Dillip Raymajhi and Barun Rana. The movie tries to prove the saying that, a boy and a girl can’t be best friend forever. Friends of opposite sex, at some point, can fall in love and either their friendship gets scattered or, becomes weaker or, they might at best be happy couple.


Miss U‘ is the story of three best friends Sanjh (Barun Rana) , Sakshyam (Dillip Raymajhi) and Jasmine (Namrata Shrestha). Their friendship probably started in some foreign college they went together. They have a desire to stay best friends forever. Sanjh falls in love with Jasmine from the beginning but, couldn’t express his feelings towards her. On an incident in a pub, Jasmine came to know about his feelings towards her and accepts his love towards her. In one occasion when Sanjh was in Nepal to meet his family in Dashain, Sanjh and Sakshyam got drunk and had a physical relationship. The Dashain celebration incident is the turning point in the story of the three best friends. Revealing what happens after that would spoil the fun of watching the movie.

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Nepali Movies – A clash between old and new generations

For the last two decades, Nepali film industry has been ruled by and his craze hasn’t diminished to date. The new comer actors had tried to follow his path, but none have succeeded. Hamal represents masala types of movies with common ingredients like action, comedy, songs, and glamorous actresses.

After the release of "Sano Sansar" and "Kagbeni", Nepali movies had stepped in new direction creating a sharp contrast between the two groups of film makers.

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Namrata Shrestha interview – do deceiving headings sell an online article?

I saw an interview of Namrata Shrestha published in an online magazine Ujyalo Online. The title looked interesting but, I later realized that it was totally deceiving. After reading the whole interview, I felt I was cheated by the website.

Do deceiving titles work in online media?

The title, when translated, reads "My character represents the current generation – Namrata Shrestha"

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Miss U… shooting Photos

The shooting of Dilip Rayamajhi’s movie “Miss U…” was recently completed in Malaysia. The director Suresh Darpan Pokharel and the film crew have recently returned back after 35 days of shooting there. Here are some of the photos of the shooting (Photo credits – Suresh Darpan).

One of the Namrata Shrestha was reportedly paid Rs. 400,000 for her role in the movie. In contrast to the general trend of paying higher to male actors in Nepali movies, the lead actor Barun Rana was told to receive only Rs. 125,000  to lead the movie. The producer and one of the best dancer in the Nepali film industry, Dilip Rayamajhi, was also reported to make the movie a dance sensation.

Miss U features Namrata Shrestha, Barun Rana, Sujata Sitaula, and Dilip Rayamajhi in the leading roles.

on 25th sep. after the 35 days shooting schedule

Miss Who? Namrata Shrestha to act in ‘Miss U’

Actor Dilip Rayamajhi, along with other producers of 12 different countries, is going to produce a new movie named ‘Miss U’ in which, Namrata Shrestha will be the leading actress. The movie under the direction of Suresh Darpan Pokharel will also feature Dilip Rayamajhi and newcomer Barun Rana. Barun has acted in a number of music videos before and he has also acted with Namrata in a music video of Mallika Karki, ‘yeti dheri mancheharuko bhidma…’. The music director of the movie is Babu Bogati.

The movie will start its shooting from Singapore and Malaysia soon.

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