Rajesh Hamal and Madhu Bhattarai marriage photos (updates)

UPDATE – The marriage ceremony is going on in Hotel Annapurna.

Here are the photos of the marriage of and Madhu Bhattarai. Although the location and details of the marriage was kept secret, one of the participants of the marriage ceremony, Subu KC, has shared the photos of the marriage.

A photo slide-show of the marriage ceremony:

rajesh hamal marriage ceremony (7)

Photo – Rajesh Hamal applies Sindoor on Madhu’s head according to Hindu ritual of marriage.

With these photos, the marriage ceremony hasn’t been as secret as expected. We appreciate Subu KC for sharing these photos and let the fans of Rajesh Hamal to see the photos of one of the most important event of their hero’s life.

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Rajesh Hamal marrying Madhu Bhattrai today at a secret location

Superstar is marrying his long-time girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai today (on May 24, 2014) in a secret location. Only close family members and friends are invited to participate in the marriage ceremony. No media personnel are invited to attend the ceremony.

madhu bhattarai 1

The marriage between 50-years old Hamal and 28-years old Bhattarai is one of the most sought after marriage in Nepali film industry. Before he met Madhu, Rajesh used to make fun of love relationship and marriage. These days, he has started to appreciate the strength of love and relationship.

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