Khusbu Oli, ‘Chari’ girlfriend says, she knew police was going to kill him

A gangster and a criminal wanted by the Police, Dinesh Adhikari, popularly known as Chari, was killed in an encounter with police in Kathmandu on August 6, 2014. After the incident, a model and his girlfriend Khusbu Oli has revealed that they were all set to get married soon.

Watch the video of Khusbu telling about the incident:

Khusbu also told that ‘Chari’ was killed over her. Talking to journalists in Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj, Khusbu told that another gangster Arpan Koirala had liked her and wanted to marry her. She told, Arpan had told that he will kill Dinesh over her. She accused Arpan to team up with DSP Kumud Dhungel in the killing. She also claimed that Kumud had also blackmailed her by telling that he is planning to kill Chari.

Khusbu also told that he had been receiving threats to the life of Chari for the last six months. She told it had only been 15 days since he had arrived in Kathmandu. To escape police, he had also changed his appearance.

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