KP Oli at Khusbu Oli engagement, was he there because she is Chari’s ex ?

The girlfriend of the notorious don Dinesh Adhikari (Chari) is engaged to a UK resident Nepali, Santosh Karki. Miss Teen 2006, Khusbu’s boyfriend Chari was killed in a police encounter in August of 2014. In the engagement party held in Yak and Yeti Hotel, the prime minister KP Sharma Oli was also one of the guests. Until death, Chari was told to be under the protection of the CPN-UML leader and current prime minster KP Oli. There might be other relationships but, it seems the PM’s sympathy towards Khubsu might also be because was the girlfriend of the don under his protection.

A video report on the engagement of Khusbu Oli:

Criminal Chari’s mentor, KP Sharma Oli

Don Chari was under the political protection, specially the current PM, KP Oli. Whenever he was arrested by the police, the police were forced to let him go because of the political pressure. Many believe, including Khusbu Oli, that the police had carefully planned the encounter with Chari so that he was killed before being captured. If he were only captured, there was a high probability that he wouldn’t have been locked-in because of the political protection.

The following video contains an interview of KP Oli, before Chari was killed. The video sheds some lights on Oli’s thought on Chari:

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Where is Khusbu Oli ?

The girlfriend of late gangster Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ who was aggressive on his death at that time. She claimed that it was an unjust murder by the police and had given a long statement (video attached). She claimed that it was an ambush and also accused her ex-boyfriend Arpan Koirala conspiring against Chari.

But, these days, Khusbu is nowhere to be seen or heard. According to police sources, she has already left country and is living in the UK in a student visa. According to reports, she had left for UK in the first week of Bhadra. Her ex-boyfriend Arpan Koirala is also living in India. Before meeting ‘Chari’ Arpan had been working together with Arpan.

khusbu-oli in london

Photo: A photo of Khusbu in London.

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‘I saw Arpan naked with four girls’ Khusbu Oli

Miss Teen of 2006, Khusbu Oli, got a limelight when gangster Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ was killed by the police. Before being involved with Chari, Khusbu Oli was seeing Arpan Koirala.

Summary of Khusbu’s interview:

  • Arpan Koirala wasn’t her boyfriend. She says, he was only a good friend. They worked together from 2008 to 2011.
  • Khusbu went to London to study through Suraj Rajbhandari’s consultancy.
  • Arpan joined her after 3-4 months.
  • Arpan and Khusbu lived together in same building with other family members. But, she also added, Arpan didn’t rent an apartment for her.
  • At the end of 2011 Arpan returned back to Kathmandu and sold his house to invest in a restaurant in London.
  • The business failed and he started taking drug. After Khusbu returned back to Kathmandu, she caught Arpan taking ‘brown sugar’, red handed.
  • She took Arpan to psychiatrist, Dr. Nirakar Man Shrestha in Tripureshowr. The drug to reduce drug craving didn’t work.
  • She took Arpan to Delhi for Arpan’s rehabilitation for 5 days.
  • She caught Arpan naked with four girls.

There are a lot of different information she has revealed in the interview.

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Khusbu Oli says Arpan has Daud Ibrahim connections

The gangster Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ girlfriend, Miss Teen 2006, Khusbu Oli has been quite vocal after the death of her boyfriend. She had accused her ex-boyfriend Arpan Koirala of influencing the police in the killing of the so-called don.

Talking to Kantipur’s Saptahik Weekly, Khusbu told that she has a lot of secrets of Arpan and his relationship with criminals. She also mentioned D Company, a notorious criminal organization of Daud Ibrahim. She told Arpan has criminal mind. She had also released some of Arpan’s messages to prove that he was behind the killing of ‘Chari’.

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Two different types of lovers – Khusbu Oli and Sweta Khadka

Two celebrities lost their sweethearts in the last week. Model and Miss Teen 2006 Khusbu Oli lost her don boyfriend Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ and actress Sweta Khadka lost her actor husband of a month, Shree Krishna Shrestha. Both were sad after the death of their sweetheart but, the magnitude of sadness in them is quite different.

Let’s compare the above photos of Sweta Khadka on the cremation day of Shree Krishna Shrestha with Khusbu’s following photos during an interview with Nagarik news:

Khusbu’s anger has over taken the sadness and she she was fighting for the ‘injustice’. Sweta in the other hand was helpless and had to accept the fate.

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Khusbu Oli, ‘Chari’ girlfriend says, she knew police was going to kill him

A gangster and a criminal wanted by the Police, Dinesh Adhikari, popularly known as Chari, was killed in an encounter with police in Kathmandu on August 6, 2014. After the incident, a model and his girlfriend Khusbu Oli has revealed that they were all set to get married soon.

Watch the video of Khusbu telling about the incident:

Khusbu also told that ‘Chari’ was killed over her. Talking to journalists in Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj, Khusbu told that another gangster Arpan Koirala had liked her and wanted to marry her. She told, Arpan had told that he will kill Dinesh over her. She accused Arpan to team up with DSP Kumud Dhungel in the killing. She also claimed that Kumud had also blackmailed her by telling that he is planning to kill Chari.

Khusbu also told that he had been receiving threats to the life of Chari for the last six months. She told it had only been 15 days since he had arrived in Kathmandu. To escape police, he had also changed his appearance.

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