Resham Filili production team meets the press

A press meet was organized at at Tripureshowr to inform about the movie ‘Resham Filili’ on April 9, 2015. In the program the full team of the movie met the pres and talked about the most talked about movie of the current time. In addition to the talk of the super-hit song of the movie ‘Jaalam…’ the team also unveiled the movie poster.

resham filili team press meet

The comedy movie to release on the second week of the new year 2072 BS (on April 24, 2015) features Vinay Shrestha, Karma, Menuka Pradhan, Kameshowr Chaurasiya, Arun Regmi and Ashutosh Shrestha in main roles. The movie is produced by Vinay Shrestha in association with Madhav Wagle.

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Year in review – Hit and miss in year 2071 (video)

The year 2071 started on the midway of of April 2014 and will end mid way of April 2015. In the twelve months in between, there were 81 new Nepali movies released in theater. That is a lot less than more than 100 releases in the year before. Out of the releases only a few had succeeded in winning the hearts of the viewers.

A report in video format:

The year started with no new movie released on the first Friday. Both the movies released on the second Friday, on April 25, ‘November Rain’ and ‘Kabaddi’ were liked by the viewers.

Complete list of the movies released with dates and links to the original posts.

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