Nepali Movie – Gunyo Choli

Nepali Movie – Gunyo Choli
StarringKarishma Manandhar, Dinesh Sharma, Nawal Khadka, Shree Lata, Sunil Thapa, Kedhar Adhikari, Chiranjivi Basnet, Binod Manandahr etc.
Director – Amrit Sharma

The Nepali movie ‘Gunyo Choli’ is a presentation of SSKFP – the first presentation of Siddhikali Films Production, presented by Rajkumar Katu. The child artist in the movie is Prabish Dewal Kashyap. The singers include Anand Karki, Nagendra Shrestha, Manila Sotang, Loreto Singh, Salina Pradhan and child singer Bikal Pradhan. The mvoie features the action of Surendra Shah, choreography of Prabesh Bantawa, story of Kedar Adhikari, chief assistant direction of Mahendra Budhathoki, sound and production controlling by Chirajivi Basnet, editing of Rajani Pant, cinematography of Ishowor Shrestha, lyrics by Pramod Dhungana / Rajudhoj Rana, music of Anil Shahi, and produced by Asthakumar Kutu.

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Talakjung Vs Tulke one of the 81 movies waiting to be nominated in Oscars

Watch ‘Talakjung Vs Tulke’ here.

The 81 entries in the Foreign-Language Film Oscar are finalized officially by the Academy Award officials. Among 81 countries, Paraguay is the only country that has sent its movie for the first time. The nomination of the 88th Academy Awards is scheduled to be announced on January 14, 2016. The winners will be announced on February 29 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

Among the contenders Nepali movie ‘Talakjung Vs Tulke’ by director Nischal Basnet will compete with 80 movies be be nominated in the contest. Winning would certainly be a feat, nomination is no less for the country like Nepal. The only time a movie with Nepal attached to it to be nominated was in 1999 for Eric Valli’s film ‘Himalaya’ in the 72nd Academy Awards.

all the best talakjung tulke

The Oscars Nomination committee in Nepal had selected ‘Talakjung Vs Tulke’ from a pool of four movies to represent Nepal in the Awards.

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Friday Release – Natiza

The new Nepali movie releasing this Friday, on October 9, 2015, is ‘Natiza’. The movie directed by Pramod Bhandari is only releasing in theaters in Kathmandu. The release of the movie in theaters out of Kathmandu was canceled in the last minute.

The movie features Harshika Shrestha, Sohit Manandhar, Sirjana Subba, Sushil Pokahrel and Sapan Shtrestha in main roles. The movie is made on the story of the struggle and problem in foreign employment. The presentation of Sapana Shrestha, ‘Natiza’ also features a song on the festival Dashain.

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