Nepali Movie – Manai Ta Ho (Ramesh Upreti, Bipana Thapa)

Nepali Movie – Manai Ta Ho
Starring – Ramesh Upreti, Bipana Thapa, Nawal Khadka, Shruti Thapa, Ramchandra Adhikari, Kedar Adhikari, Pushpa Shrestha, Rajkumar Rai, Jitu Nepal etc.
Director – Kishor Subba

About ‘Manai Ta Ho’

A presentation of Baraha Films by Rajendra Shrestha, ‘Manai Ta Ho’ is an old movie but, a new release in internet. Both the lead actors of the movie left Nepal and one of them, Ramesh Upreti, had recently made comeback appearance in a movie. Bipana left film industry after marriage and is living in India with her husband and a child.

The movie features the action of Ram Janak, VFX, animation by Pema Lama and Kriti Shayam Joshi. The lyrics in the movie are written by Karuna Thapa, Buddabir lama, Shreekrishna Luitel, and Mahesh Khadka. Play back singers are Rajesh Payel Rai, Deepak Raman, Milan Chakhu, Sunita Subba, Reema Gurung, and Lasmita Rai. Music is composed by Santi Ram Rai and Deepak Raman, editing by Banish Shah, Subodh, cinematography by Ratna Dhakal and MSa Michael and background score by Creative Band. The executive producer of the movie is Manoj Rai, producers are Bishnu Subba and Krishna Prasad Acharya and the Production manager is Milan Subedi. Tara Thapa was the assistant editor of the movie.

Watch ‘Manai Ta Ho’ full movie:
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Nepali Movie – Gunyo Choli

gunyo choli nepali movieNepali Movie – Gunyo Choli
StarringKarishma Manandhar, Dinesh Sharma, Nawal Khadka, Shree Lata, Sunil Thapa, Kedhar Adhikari, Chiranjivi Basnet, Binod Manandahr etc.
Director – Amrit Sharma

The Nepali movie ‘Gunyo Choli’ is a presentation of SSKFP – the first presentation of Siddhikali Films Production, presented by Rajkumar Katu. The child artist in the movie is Prabish Dewal Kashyap. The singers include Anand Karki, Nagendra Shrestha, Manila Sotang, Loreto Singh, Salina Pradhan and child singer Bikal Pradhan. The mvoie features the action of Surendra Shah, choreography of Prabesh Bantawa, story of Kedar Adhikari, chief assistant direction of Mahendra Budhathoki, sound and production controlling by Chirajivi Basnet, editing of Rajani Pant, cinematography of Ishowor Shrestha, lyrics by Pramod Dhungana / Rajudhoj Rana, music of Anil Shahi, and produced by Asthakumar Kutu.

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Nepali Movie – Maya Basechha

maya basechha nameNepali Movie – Maya Basechha
Starring – , Nawal Khadka, Sanchita Luitel, Rekha Thapa, Rajendra Khadgi, Mohan Mishra etc.
Director – Madan Ghimire

The movie ‘Maya Basechha’ is a presentation of Nawal Khadka featuring the top actors of the time – Rajesh Hamal, Sanchita and Rekha Thapa. The film is produced by Golden Eyes movies.  Actors Gopal Raj Mainali and Nirmal Sharma are the guest artists in the film. The film features the background music of Samrat Thapa, sound mixing by Sunaya Man Shrestha, action of Rajendra Khadgi, choreography of Shanta Nepali / Gobinda Rai / Dinesh Pakhrin, script by Maunata Shrestha, editing by Bipin Malla, music by Mahesh Khadka, choreography by Mahendra Thapa.

The film had celebrated 51 days in theater – a feat hit films often attain.

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Nepali Movie – Deshdrohi

deshdrohiNepali Film – Deshdrohi
StarringShiva Shrestha, Sunil Thapa, Priya Rijal, Nawal Khadka, Poojana Pradhan, Suresh Bhattarai, Pawan Joshi, Nabin Basnet, Laxmi Giri, Radha Lamsal etc.
Director – Rakesh Manandhar

The patriotic film by Bishnudevi Films is a presentation of Mrs. Kamala Shrestha. Karma Sherpa and Sajjan Kumar Bhattarai are the guest artists in the film. Badri Adhikari and Mithila Sharma have special appearances in the movie. Arts by Gopal Bhutani, background music by Kamal Krishna / Sanjaya Shrestha, music by Shiva Mukhya, narration by Mohan Niraula, choreography by Bhuvan Shrestha, action by Rajendra Khadgi, dialogue by Sunil Sapkota, screenplay by Rakesh Manandhar/Pawan Joshi, cinematography and editing by Tara Thapa ‘Kimvey’.

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Film Artists Association honor Garima Pant and Joes Pandey

To honor and appreciate the success of ‘Jhola’ actress Garima Pant and ‘Sanghuro’ director Joes Pandey, Nepal Film Artists Association organized a program on June 23. In the program, the artists were honored by Special Honor Certificate.

Video of the honor ceremony:

Talking at the ceremony Garima Pant and Joes Pandey appreciated the honor provided by the organization. Garima told that the award she and Joes got was actually an award for the entire film industry. She said, the award has proven that our film industry is of international standard. She also appreciated the help of actress Laxmi Giri during the shooting of the movie.

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Nepali Movie – Timrai Lagi

timrai lagiNepali Movie – Timrai Lagi
StarringNawal Khadka, Rajani Lama, Aasha Thapa, Bikram Shah, Deepak Chhetri etc.
DirectorUday Subba

‘Timrai Lagi’ is a presentation of Shree Sagarmatha Cinearts and made on the story of the director Uday Subba. Other artists in the movie include – Rajesh Payal Rai in music composition, background score by Sanjay Shrestha, special effects by Sunaya Man Shrestha, choreography of Subash Budhathoki, editing of Banish Shah and Tara Thapa, cinematography of Ratna Dhakl, and action of Ram, Janak. Singers in the film are Rajesh Payal Rai, Reema Gurung, Lasmit Rai and Niruta Singh.

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Bhimdutt special show in Kathmandu, Prachanda, Vaidya, Deuba watched

A special screening of a movie made on a historical personality, ‘Bhimdutt’ was conducted in Kumari theater in Kathmandu on May 29, 2014. Before screening in Kathmandu, the movie was screened in USA, Hong Kong and Dadeldhura, the birth place of Bhimdutt.

Video: Review of Prachanda, Vaidya, Deuba, Bhuwan Chand and Basundhara Bhusal:

nisha adhikari with leaders watching bhimdutta

Photo – Nisha Adhikari and Sumina Ghimire watch ‘Bhimdutt’ with Sher Bahadur, Mohan Vaidya and Prachanda at Kumari theater. (photo credit Nisha)

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No more sexy films for Sumina Ghimire, realizes sex doesn’t sell

Actress Sumina Ghimire has realized that the films on sex theme don’t have future. After acting in some hot movies and showing some skin, Sumina has decided not to do such films any more. None of the so-called-hot-movies could recover their businesses. They also caused negative impact on Sumina’s career. Sumina was left without any movies for some time.

Bhimdutt charity event

Photo – ‘Bhimdutta’ charity event at Jai Nepal Chitraghar theater. (Photo credit – Nisha Adhikari)

Sumina was talking during a charity show of her upcoming movie ‘Bhimdutta’. The biopic movie directed by Himgyap Tasi is made on historical plot and Sumina is featured as a simple village girl in the movie. The movie features Sumina Ghimire, Nisha Adhikari, Nawal Khadka, Ramesh Budhathoki, and Rabi Giri in main roles.

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Bhimdutta finally got the censor clearance

After an initial glitch, the Censor Board has finally awarded PG certificate to Nawal Khadka‘s movie ‘Bhimdutta’. The movie directed by Himgyap Lama features Nawal as a revolutionary leader, Bhimdutta Pant of Dadeldhura.

censor board handing over the the certificate to himgyap and Nawal khadka

The biographical movie made on a historical context features Nawal Khadka, Nisha Adhikari, and Sumina Ghimire in leading roles. The film makers had organized a protest press meet when the Board took time in awarding the censor clearance certificate.

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Censor Board couldn’t decide on Bhimdutta

The Censor Board has decided to do a detailed review of the movie before letting it screen in theater. The Board chief Umakant Parajuli has told that the involvement of the Army and Indian government in the killing of Bhimdutta has to be researched and verified before the movies is allowed to release.

bhimdutta poster

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Real Names of Nepali artists who had changed their name after entering the film industry

Changing names is a common practice among Nepali artists for a better name or for good luck. Some astrologers suggest a different names for the success in their career. For example, Bhuwan KC changed his name to a 7-lettered Bhuwann before the release of his movie ‘Sathi Ma Timro‘. It’s a different story, the movie didn’t do well in theater. Actress Binita Baral had also changed her name to Beenita (7-letters) on the suggestion of an astrologer. The result of the change in names were not that exciting. But, that won’t deter people from changing names. Others change to a better sounding names like Shova to Nandita, Radheshyam to Ramit, Nawaraj to Nawal and so on.

A video slideshow of change in names of Nepali actresses:


A photo slideshow of the actors who have changed their names:

We had compiled a list of actresses who had changed their name when they entered the Nepali movie industry. This post incorporates male actors and some additional female actresses who had changed their name to a new name.

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Nepali Movie – Dashgaja

dashgajaNepali movie – Dashgaja
Starring, Nikhil Upreti ,Ranjita Gurung , Nawal Khadka, Shubhadra Adhikari etc.
Story – Nawal Khadka
Writer -Shivam Adhikari
DirectorDayaram Dahal
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Mahasush artists teaching traffic rules in street

At the time of the release of the movie, ‘Mahasush’ producers have started a promotion campaign to create traffic rule awareness by the actors of the movie. The event organized in association with Yatayat Majdoor Sangh was held in Gongabu Bus Park. The actors of the movie distributed pamphlets and distributed stickers to be posted on vehicles.

mahasush promotion traffic awareness

The stickers and pamphlets focus on creating awareness on the danger of driving vehicles in high speed. Actor Aryan Sigdel, actress Keki Adhikari, actress Benisha Hamal, producer Kalyan Ghimire and director Nawal Khadka were present in the event.

The movie is scheduled to release on August 16.

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Nepali movie on the life of martyr Bhimdutta Pant being made

A Nepali movie based on the life of the martyr Bhimdutta Pant is being shot in the location in far-western Nepal. The martyr Bhimdutta is known for his fight against cast system and Rana autocracy. More than 60 percent of the movie is scheduled to be shot in the Western Nepal.

nisha adhikari, sumina ghimire hingyap tasi - bhimdutta

In the history of Nepali movies, this will be the first movie based on the life of a martyr. The movie titled ‘Bhimdutt’ is being produced and directed by Himgyap Tasi Lama. The movie will also feature songs based on the quotations of Bhimdutta and will showcase the attractions of Western Nepal.

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