Shakuntala to feature Rajesh Hamal and Anu Shah

Although Rajesh Hamal has slowed down in signing new films, he hasn’t taken break yet. As the release date of his movie ‘Bagmati’ nears, Rajesh has signed to act in movie named ‘Shakuntala’. The news of the signing in of another movie at the time of the release of the movie ‘Bagmati’, on January 8 is a sign that Hamal is still active in movies.

sakuntala nepali movie press meet

The movie ‘Sakuntala’ is being directed by Dinesh Shrestha. The movie features actress Anu Shah opposite to Rajesh. Director Shrestha said that the movie is a female-oriented movie with action and social drama. Anu has told that her role is that of a journalist. Both Anu Shah and Rajesh Hamal didn’t reveal much about the story of the movie. Rajesh told that he has signed up because he liked the concept. All Rajesh told was that ‘Sakuntala’ can be either male or female.

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