Nepali movie – Ram Jaane (Video Update)

Nepali movie – Ram Jaane
Starring – Dinesh Sharma, Nisha Nepal, Rohit Rumba etc.
Director – Janak Khakurel

The movie was released on February 3, 2017 in theatre with two other movies. None of the three movies were liked by the viewers at that time. Please watch the movie and decide if it would have been worth watching.

About ‘Ram Jaane’

A presentation of Dinesh Sharma, the movie is produced under Raskyanda Film Production banner. Directed by Janak Khakure, popularly known as JK Master has also written by the director. The artists in the movie include Dinesh Sharma, Rohit Rumba, Nisha Nepal, Bimal Moktan, Riya Chand, Khimu Shrestha, Ram Maharjan, Dheran Chand, Sibek Singh, Shambhu Basnet, Buddha Kumar Lama, Pushpa Bhatta, Teja Yera etc. Popular singer Rajesh Payal Rai is featured as a special guest artist in the movie.
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Happy Dashain 2017

The biggest festival of Nepal, Dashain, has started on September 21, 2017. The first day of Dashain, Ghatasthapana is celebrated by Nepali all over the world. The 10-days worship of Goddess Durga has started in various temples and at homes in Nepal.

Let me go through the the major festive days of Dashain:

Day 1 – Ghatasthapana

The first day of Dashain starts with placing a water pot (Kalash) that symbolizes goddess Durga. The Kalash is filled with holy water and is covered with cow dung with some barley seeds added to it.

On the day, barley seeds are used to plant Jamara (wheatgrass). The plantation is done according to Hindu rituals and worshiping. Astrologers determine a specefic auspicious time to perform the ritual. It is believed that the goddess resides in the vessel (Kalash) during navratri.

The room where the ritual is performed is known as the Dashain Ghar where outsiders and women are not allowed, traditionally. In the past, it was a custom of a male family member, usually the head of the house, to worships the Kalash twice every day, once in the morning and then in the evening. But, these days, the discrimination has been ended and women are also allowed to perform the puja of the woman goddess, Durga. The Jamara plantation is kept in dark and holy water is offered every day to the seeds. By the tenth day the seed will grown to five to six inches long. The grass kept in total dark are yellow and is considered a sacred grass used with Tika on the 10th day of the festival.

Schools and colleges close for the festival starting Ghatasthapana.
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