I am comfortable, says a Nepali student, a call girl in Australia

A 24-years old student of an University of Australia, is working as a call girl for the cost of living. Apart from working in cleaning service and massage centre, Sakuntala (name changed for privacy) also visits homes to provide sex-service to customers.

Sakuntala works at massage centres at Parramatta, in the New South Wales state and cleaning services located nearby. But, the majority of her income comes from the internet escort services. The customers pay her price in the internet and call her to their home. Sakuntala says, “I go to their place and serve them. It pays me well.”

According to Sakuntala, she charges $150 for an hour of service. The amount is prepaid to her bank account before she shows up. She says, she knwos at least 5-6 Nepali girls who do the same thing. Sakuntala says, “We are happy to earn living by selling sex.”
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Rajesh Hamal says, The Lie Lama stooped low to gain political milage

In response to the latest statement of the Tibetan religious leader, Dalai Lama’s comment about the birthplace of Buddha, a lot of Nepali people have termed him as “The Lie Lama”. Nepali superstar, Rajesh Hamal, has also responded in retaliation against the Lama’s statement.

Hamal wrote, “I’m appalled by the statement made by so called bastion of Truth and Compassion. Not even in my wildest imagination I though he would stoop so low by distorting the Truth, just to gain political milage.”

He added, “Your holiness there is a saying ‘you can fool some people some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time’…”

What did Dalai Lama say?

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Nepali Movie – Kidnap (Feri Betaula director film)

Nepali Movie – Kidnap
Starrring – Anjali Adhikari, Subhash Rai, Bhim Gurung, Suresh Shilpakar, Shiva Nepali, Prabal Siwakoti etc.
Director – Phurpa Chhiring Gurung

About ‘Kidnap’

This movie is made on the story of a child’s kidnap and the trouble parents go through when the child is kidnapped. Written, produced and directed by Phurba Chhiring Gurung, the producer and the director who had introduced actress Manisha Koirala as an actress in the Nepali film industry – That was a long time ago, the first movie of Manisha, ‘Feri Bhetaula’ wasn’t as popular as her Bollywood movies. The cinematographer B Raj PP is also the editor. The director Phurpa has also prepared the music and the lyrics of the songs.

The movie features a child artist, Prabal Shiwakoti in the main role. The whole movie spans for 5-days in which instead of the child being tortured, Prabal tortures the kidnapers. The movie is entertaining movie featuring social, economic, educational, political and psychological effects caused by kidnapping in Nepali society.

Watch the full movie here:
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