Rajesh Hamal says, The Lie Lama stooped low to gain political milage

In response to the latest statement of the Tibetan religious leader, Dalai Lama’s comment about the birthplace of Buddha, a lot of Nepali people have termed him as “The Lie Lama”. Nepali superstar, Rajesh Hamal, has also responded in retaliation against the Lama’s statement.

Hamal wrote, “I’m appalled by the statement made by so called bastion of Truth and Compassion. Not even in my wildest imagination I though he would stoop so low by distorting the Truth, just to gain political milage.”

He added, “Your holiness there is a saying ‘you can fool some people some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time’…”

What did Dalai Lama say?

I have compiled the video and translated so that those who can’t understand English can also understand Dalai Lama’s statement:

The transcript of Lama’s statement:


Do you think Buddha was Nepalese or Indian?

Some Nepalese say “Buddha was born in Lumbini, a part of Nepal. So Buddha was Nepalese not Indian.”

Eh! That’s nonsense, I think. In ancient time, this big Bharat. (speech unclear). You see, Buddha an Indian, his teaching eventually whole Asia, you see his teaching reach whole Asia.

Firstly China, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Laos. Through China, then Korea, Japan and north..Tibet, Mongolia, and some republics in Russia. So that is Buddha not Tibetan, not Chinese but Indian.

So ancient times I think one great Indian master’s teaching reach whole Asia. Now Buddha Dharma..I never say you see Buddha Dharma is best. I never say. This religion is better that religion is better. We can not say.

Different religion which is suitable to them is best for them. This religion is best. We can not say. “

Who was Buddha?

Siddhartha Gautam, popularly known as Gautam Buddha, was a prince of an ancient kingdom, Tilarurakot. The kingdom was located at the current Lumbini, in Nepal. The place where he was born was Kapilbastu.

The prince got married and he left his palace in seeking truth about the human sufferings. While meditating under a tree in India, he got the great insights and became a Buddha. He later started distributing his knowledge and insights of living happily.

The birthplace of Buddha had always been a topic of controversy between India and Nepal.

While Dalai Lama (and a lot of others) believe that Tilaurakot later became India. But, others believe that, the kingdom wasn’t ‘Bharat’ as some believe, it was Tilaurakot.

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