Kri review, despite negative reviews, I think, film will be superhit

As expected, Anmol KC’s movie ‘Kri’ was houseful everywhere. But, the response were not consistent. While some of the viewers have appreciated Anmol KC’s effort in the movie, others have criticized the movie as being very bad. It seems, a lot of viewers had much higher expectation from the movie.

The film makers had anticipated such response. So, they had released a half-backed song few days before the release of the movie. The film critics have rated the movie very low. For example, Gokarna Gautam of Nepal magazine has rated it 1.5/5. The review is titled “A stale story of revenge”

Summary of what Gokarna said:

  • Anmol KC is bad at acting (That’s not a new ‘compliment’)
  • In the past, Anmol was limited into lover-boy character, now he is seen in an action avatar.
  • Script and directorial aspect of the movie is totally dependent on Anmol KC, like is previous movies. (And, they all were successful.)
  • The technical aspect of the movie is exceptional.

After reading the reviews and negative reviews in Twitter, I am confident, ‘Kri’ will be a hit movie.

Story of ‘Kri’

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