Anmol KC 24th birthday

Actor Anmol KC has turned 24-years old on March 30, 2018. Anmol however didn’t have any public function to celebrate his birthday. Anmol doesn’t like to have party and likes to be alone on such occasions. A Krishna fan, Anmol is the son of actress Sushmita KC and actor Bhuwan KC. After Sushmita and Bhuwan divorced, Anmol is living with his father. His father Bhuwan is currently in affair with another actress, Jiya KC.

Childhood days of Anmol, a video report:

Anmol’s acting career

Anmol debuted as an actor in ‘Hostel’, a movie released in 2013. The movie directed by Hemraj BC was as very good start of Anmol’s acting career as the movie was successful in box office. After that, all of his movie have been successful.

  1. Hostel, 2013, Prakriti Shrestha
  2. Jerryy, 2014, Anna Sharma
  3. Dreams, 2015, Samragyee RL Shah
  4. Gajalu, 2015, Shristi Shrestha
  5. Kri, 2018, Aditi Budhathoki
  6. Captain, 2018 (Expected), Upasana Singh Thakuri
  7. Kri 2

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