Nisha Adhikari, celebrity birth tourism to USA. Will hers be the first Nepali Anchor baby in America?

The first actress to scale Mt. Everest, Nisha Adhikari, can also be considered the pioneer in birth tourism. She went to the USA after before she announced her pregnancy on the New Year of 2018, January 1. After that, she has been living with her brother. Last month, her husband, cricketer Sharad Bheswakar joined Nisha to be by her side when she deliver the baby.

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This is Paramita RL Rana’s new boyfriend, Priyanka sends her love too

The ex-girlfriend of Ayushman Desraj Joshi, Paramita RL Rana, has found a new boyfriend. The boyfriend named Hisi Losang is a young businessman. He is named the managing director of a travel agency and a restaurant.

When Paramita shared a photo of the boyfriend in Instagram, actress Priyanka Karki wrote a comment with a heart. In response to Priaynka’s comment, Paramita wrote back a heart and a kiss emoji. This is surprising gesture of the two because, a while ago, Paramita had accused Priyanaka Karki of stealing her then boyfriend Ayushman. Ayushma Joshi and Paramita were in relationship for more than three years when Priyanka came in their lives. Ayushman got attracted towards Priyanka and left Paramita alone. Now, after Paramita found a new boyfriend, the relationship between the three seem to have been better.

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