Nepali Movie – Dasgaja (Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil Upreti, Nawal Khadka)

Nepali Movie – Dasgaja
Starring – Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil Upreti, Nawal Khadka, etc.
Director – Dayaram Dahal

The movie released in 2011 (Baisakh 11, 2068), ‘Dasgaja’ was made on a patriotism and love for the country. The title means the area at the border. The movie made under Golden Eye Films is the third film of the banner. The movie’s sub-title is ‘No Man’s Land’. The movie was awarded Rastriya Jagarana Film Award of 2066. The movie also won the Jury Award and best script/story award of Samjhana Digital Films Award 2067. The movie produced by Shivahari Karki and Hob Khadka is directed by Dayaram Dahal

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Dipendra’s doctor, after Royal Massacre, Dr. Upendra Devkota is fighting for life

British hospital couldn’t cure him

Famous neurosurgeon, Dr. Upendra Devkota, is fighting for life after he couldn’t be cured in a British hospital. The chemotherapy done in London didn’t help in reducing the growth of tumour. As, his body wasn’t responding to the treatment, he decided to return back to Nepal to spend his last days in life with his loved ones. Dr. Devkota is admitted to the Bansbari Hospital and is waiting for the life to end. The hospital, NINAS in Bansbari, was established by Dr. Devkota himself.

Video report:

Who is Upendra Devkota?

Dr. Upendra Devkota is one of the most popular doctors of Nepal. He was the founder of the first neurological trauma unit in Nepal in Bir Hospital. He was also appointed the Minister for Health, Science and Technology, Government of Nepal at the time of Gyanendra’s rule. Dr Devkota also founded of the National Institute of Neurological and Allied Sciences, also known as the Neuro Hospital. The Neuro Hospital is considered a state of the art Neurological Centre, providing services for patients from all over South Asia.
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