Lal Babu Raut addressed MAA convention in America, despite Nepal government travel ban

The Chief Minister of State 2, Lal Babu Raut, addressed the first convention of an organization set by Madheshi people living in the USA. The organization named Madhesh Association of America (MAA) had invited Raut as the chief guest of the event. But, Nepal government didn’t approve his travel to the USA. According to the cabinet decision, Raut’s US visit wasn’t as important as his job at home.

Video report:

The official reasons government has given doesn’t seem to align with the publicly perceived reason. The government had faced some tussle when Indian prime minister Narendra Modi visited Janakpur. The local government wanted to do everything on its own while the central government wasn’t happy by the way Raut government dealt with the situation. Modi being in an official visit, the foreign ministry had sought for a more responsibility. The government wasn’t happy by Raut’s public address at that time. Raut had addressed the public in Hindi language and had expressed his dissatisfaction over the constitution amendment.
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First time in history, Indian Foreign Minister apologizes for saying Modi addressed ‘Indians’ in Janakpur

Indian Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj, has apologised for saying PM Narendra Modi addressed ‘Indians’ during his Nepal tour earlier this month. While talking to MEA’s annual press conference she told, “Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister of the country who has from America’s Madison Square to Nepal’s Janakpur addressed lakhs of Indian”

A video report:

Right after the news of her statement were published in Nepali media, Nepali public and politicians started questioning Swaraj’s intention. Nepali Congress leader and a Member of Parliament, Gagan Thapa tweeted:
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Gold lover Nepali ministers – How rich are Cabinet Ministers of KP Oli

It seems, the communist ministers of KP Oli cabinet are fans of gold. Here is a video report about the details:

The ministers and amount of gold they possess (self-declared amount):

Top 5 ministers with most gold in their possession:

  1. Rabindra Adhikari – 60 Tola
  2. Raghubir Mahaseth – 52 Tola
  3. Jagat Bahadur Sunar Bishwokarma – 50 Tola
  4. Sher Bahadur Tamang – 30 Tola
  5. KP Oli – 18 Tola

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US citizenship wouldn’t have been that hard, Ex-Royal member Shreya Shah struggles to get a passport

Nepal government has refused the citizenship and hence the passport to one of the ex-royal members of Nepal. The daughter of one of the 2001 Royal Massacre, Dhirendra Shah, has failed to convince the authority that she is the daughter of Dhirendra. According to the documents, Shreya Shah, is the daughter of then King, Birendra Shah’s brother, Dhirendra Shah. Her birth certificate, issued by Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu mentions Dhirendra Bir Bikram Shah as her father. The school document, from Rato Bangala School, also mentions Dhirendra as her father. But, the authorities refuse to honour the documents.

Video report:

Talking to News24 TV, Shreya said that she is facing a lot of trouble because of the lack of passport. She had lived most of her life in the USA. She was in Nepal when the issue became apparent. When she wanted to get the machine readable passport, she was asked to show the citizenship. But, authority won’t give her the citizenship although her mother is a Nepali citizen and she doesn’t have marriage certificate of her parents.
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$581k raised in Colorado, USA saptaha by Dinbandhu Pokharel

A saptaha was organized among the Nepali people living in Colorado, USA in an effort to build a community centre for the Nepali and Bhutanese of Nepali origin. The saptaha held from April 28 to May 5 raised an amount in excess of $581k. The money was collected as the donation from the people living in the area.

Dinbandhu Pokharel is known as an excellent orator who inspire people with money to donate for a noble cause. He has been active in raising fund for the construction of schools, colleges, hospitals and other social works.

Although some question his tactics of inspiring people to donate money as manipulative, those who donate do so happily. He uses the storytelling to inspire people to do something so that they are remembered by others in the world. He uses the mortality as an excuse and donation to help them become immortal.

A video report about the event in Colorado:

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Oli government undoing all good deeds by welcoming Modi #BlockadeWasCrimeMrModi

A new hashtag #BlockadeWasCrimeMrModi is trending in Twitter and Facebook. As the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi nears, frustration among Nepali people is in rise. Most of the Nepali people have considered Modi the main person behind inhuman economic blockade when the country was fighting agains natural disaster. The blockade was imposed right after the 2015 Earthquake that killed more than 9,000 people and destroyed thousands of houses.

While welcoming Modi against general public sentiments, the Oli government might undo all the good deeds it has done recently. The failure of public bus syndicate was one of the most praiseworthy job of the current government. Now, the focus has shifted from the government stance against unfair business practice to Indian PM’s visit.

According to reports, during his two-day state visit to Nepal starting May 11, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, will announce three separate “surprise gifts” for Kathmandu, Janakpur and Muktinath Temple.

The first of the gifts will be announced on May 11 in Janakpur. Janakpur is said to be connected to India’s Ramayan Circuit – a direct link from Janakpur to Ayodhya. After Janakpur, Modi will visit Kathmandu to meet PM KP Sharma Oli. He will visit Muktinath Temple to offer prayers and will probably announce another of the gifts to restore the temple. His visit to the temple has also been controversial because of the closure of the Annapurna circuit trekking route for three days, in view of Modi’s May 11 visit.

Former foreign Secretary of Nepal, Madhu Raman Acharya says what Nepali people feel about India and the Prime Minister of India:

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Dipendra’s doctor, after Royal Massacre, Dr. Upendra Devkota is fighting for life

British hospital couldn’t cure him

Famous neurosurgeon, Dr. Upendra Devkota, is fighting for life after he couldn’t be cured in a British hospital. The chemotherapy done in London didn’t help in reducing the growth of tumour. As, his body wasn’t responding to the treatment, he decided to return back to Nepal to spend his last days in life with his loved ones. Dr. Devkota is admitted to the Bansbari Hospital and is waiting for the life to end. The hospital, NINAS in Bansbari, was established by Dr. Devkota himself.

Video report:

Who is Upendra Devkota?

Dr. Upendra Devkota is one of the most popular doctors of Nepal. He was the founder of the first neurological trauma unit in Nepal in Bir Hospital. He was also appointed the Minister for Health, Science and Technology, Government of Nepal at the time of Gyanendra’s rule. Dr Devkota also founded of the National Institute of Neurological and Allied Sciences, also known as the Neuro Hospital. The Neuro Hospital is considered a state of the art Neurological Centre, providing services for patients from all over South Asia.
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Pokhara – Hotels (Part 4)

This is the fourth part of the series in tourist attraction in Pokhara: Hotels in Pokhara

  • Pokhara Restaurants
  • City attractions
  • School / Colleges in Pokhara
  • Hotels in Pokhara (This post)
  • Pokhara Celebrities

Pokhara being one of the most popular touristic destination in Nepal, there are various hotels to stay in Pokhara. Some hotels are strategically located so that the natural views of Machhapuchre and other mountains can be seen through the windows of the room. Others are lakeside resorts and hotels that give a pleasant views of various natural beauties. Three lakes are the most popular touristic destination:

Fewa Lake – Located near the airport and the city center, the lake and the lakeside area is the major touristic destination.

Begnas Lake – A huge lake on the east side of the city is also a popular destination.

Rupa Lake – A newly developed resort in the lake area is the most popular destination for the youth and old alike.

According to a 2011 report, there are more than 300 tourist category hotels and lodges in Pokhara. Two of them are 5-star hotels, five 3-star hotels, fifteen 2-star and other non-star hotels in the city.

The Phulbari Resort & Spa and Pokhara Grande are the 5-star hotels.

Paschimanchal Hotel Association Pokhara (PHAP), is the leading organization in the hospitality industry in Pokhara, The organization represents more than 300 hotels,resorts & guest houses ranging from tourist standard hotels to 5 star deluxe hotels in Pokhara. Established on the 27th of March, 2009 after the merger between Regional Hotel Association Nepal(RHAN) and Pokhara Hotel Association (PHA).

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Pokhara Attractions

This is a series about the attractions of Pokhara.

There are a lot of things that can be seen and experienced in Pokhara. Some include mixing up with the local people, knowing the culture and tradition and enjoying local varieties of foods and delicacies are some of the exciting things in Pokhara.

There are places like Sarangkot, Kahu dada, Santi stupa (world peace pagoda) where you can hike and enjoy the sceneries and the locality. Similar entertainment are available at Bhadaure Tamgi, Foksing hill, Barahi temple, Nirmal Pokhari, Nuwakot, Mattikhan, Naudada and other places. Chandrakot and Pumdikot all also hill stations and sightseeing centre.

Fewa Lake: Pokhara and Fewa Lake are synonymous. The lake lies at the west corner of Pokhsara valley. Approximately 5km long and 1.5 km wide the lake covers an area of 4.4 sq km.

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Dhurmus Suntali announce Cricket Stadium, while Binod Chaudhary inaugurates Food Park in India

What a coincidence: While Binod Chaudhary inaugurates the construction of CG Food Park (probably in India) – Dhurmus Suntali have announced the construction of Cricket stadium in Nepal. (Chaudhary’s Food Park is inagurated by an Indian minister. See embed tweet of Nirvana Chaudhary at the end of this post)

When Nepali cricket team made history by winning the temporary One Day status, the richest person in Nepal, Binod Chaudhary wrote:

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22 Members of KP Oli cabinet (Full list after 3rd expansion)

The KP Oli government cabinet has become a 22-members team after the third expansion on March 16, 2018. 11 ministers and 4 state ministers were added on the day. The ministers were sworn in in a ceremony held at the residence of the president, Shital Niwas.

A video report on how Bina Magar was appointed the minster of Drinking Water:

The distribution of the ministers – with 6 new additions, there are 10 ministers from CPN UML. With 5 new addition, CPN Maoist Centre has now 7 ministers in the cabinet. These numbers don’t include the 4 state ministers.

  1. Pradeep Gyawali – Foreign Minister
  2. Gokarna Bista –
  3. Rabindra Adhikari – Tourism
  4. Sher Bahadur Tamang – Law
  5. Jagat Bahadur Sunar (Bishowkarma) – Youth and sports
  6. Raghubir Mahaseth – Physical and Infrastructure
  7. Thama Maya Thapa – Women and Children
  8. Lal Babu Pandit – Local Administration
  9. Ishwor Pokharel – Rakshya
  10. Yubraj Khatiwada – Finance
  11. Barshaman Pun – Energy
  12. Giriraj Mani Pokharel – Education
  13. Chakrapani Khanal – Agriculture
  14. Shakti Basnet – Foresty
  15. Bina Magar – Drinking Water
  16. Ram Bahadur Thapa – Home
  17. Matrika Yadav – Industries

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Miss Nepal 2018 contestants – What do they say about themselves

Video report:

1. Mahima Singh

22-year-old Mahima Singh from Kathmandu is 5 ft 6 inches tall and is a BBA graduate.

I do believe in taking risks in life because until you take a step you never know what life holds for you. This is why I’m a participant of MN 2018

Previous Experience:

– Modeling in 2013-2014
– Face of House of Fashion Constant 2013

2. Ronali Amatya

22 years old Ronali Amatya was also the Model Hunt Nepal 2016 and Miss Eco Internation Nepal 2017 winner. She is 5 ft 7 inches tall.
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14 “to be doctors” in the ill fated Kathmandu bound plane, who is alive?

Here is the list of 14 students in the ill fated aircraft from Bangaladesh to Nepal on March 12, 2018. The students had completed their MBBS degree and were returning back to Nepal after the completion of their final exam. They were the 19th batch students of Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College and Hospital.

  • Sanjay Poudel
  • Sanjaya Maharjan
  • Neega Maharjan
  • Anjila Shrestha
  • Purnima Lohani
  • Shweta Thapa
  • Meeli Maharjan
  • Saruna Shrestha
  • Algina Baral
  • Charu Baral
  • Samira Byanjankar (being treated at KMC)
  • Ashna Shakya
  • Princy Dhami (being treated at KMC)
  • Shriya Jha

Only two of the 14 are reported to be being treated at hospital. The condition of others are not known.

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US Bangla plane crash – Who were in the plane? (full name list)

The aircraft arriving from Bangaladesh to Kathmandu had met with an accident in Kathmandu airport.

14 of the passengers were to-be-doctors who had completed their final exam and were returning home from their colleges.

Those Nepali medical students were going to Nepal on a two-month vacation on the completion of their MBBS final examination, at Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College and Hospital. They were the 19th batch students of the medical college.

Here is the list of 14 students but, what happened to them is not known:

  • Sanjay Poudel
  • Sanjaya Maharjan
  • Neega Maharjan
  • Anjila Shrestha
  • Purnima Lohani
  • Shweta Thapa
  • Meeli Maharjan
  • Saruna Shrestha
  • Algina Baral
  • Charu Baral
  • Samira Byanjankar
  • Ashna Shakya
  • Princy Dhami
  • Shriya Jha

The US Bangla aircraft had slipped out of the airport.

There were 71 people abroad. Out of them, only 14 people were rescued alive. 24 people died at the airport and 9 others died in different hospitals in Kathmandu.

Here is the full list of passengers:

Passengers – 67
Crew Members – 4

Male (Passengers) – 37
Female (Passengers) – 28
Children – 2

– Nepali passengers – 33
– Bangladeshi passengers – 33
– Chinese – 1

49 dead, 21 being treated in various hospitals.

14 of the passengers were from travel industry who had gone to Bangladesh on the invitation of the new company’s new flight to the country: Attached is the photo taken from Sajana Devkota’s page (credit Pahilopost), Sajana herself died in the plane crash along with two others. Nine out of 12 from the group are fighting for their lives. Two other who are confirmed dead include Harishankar Poudel and Prabin Chitrakar.

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Secret stations in East Nepal (Part 1)

There are no redlight areas in Nepal. But, it is open business in a lot of parts. Here are some of the locations in East Nepal where the business is running unchecked. This report is based on the information sent by Gopal Dahal.


There is a vehicle station where vehicles go to Siliguri, Darjeeling and Sikkim in India. These vehicle station are more like sex station than vehicle station. In those areas, not only the people from Nepal and India visit, some people from Bangaladesh also frequently visit to meet the sex workers in the area.

As you go from Kakarvitta in the East-West highway, you can see a lot of sex stations. The Birtamod bus park is one of the major station where most of the restaurant and hotels have girls in secret business.
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