OMG – There are more Nepali singers in USA than in Nepal

The title might not be 100 percent true but when I rephrase, it will be 100 percent true: “There are more popular Nepali singers in USA than in Nepal“. A lot of popular singers have gone to the USA and haven’t returned back to Nepal.

[Video report coming soon.]

One of the earliest and most popular singer Prem Raja Mahat is a celebrity in USA among Nepali people. He is considered a link to meet new and old Nepalese in the Eastern USA.

The singer of the popular song ‘Saili ..’, Hemanta Rana has also been living in the USA for a while. He sang the song when he was in a vacation in Nepal. According to reports, the musician and one of the judges of Nepal Idol, first season, Nhyhu Bajracharya has also got Green Card and has moved to USA. He had composed the music of the popular song ‘Phulko Aankhama Phulai Sansara … ”

Other popular singers include Sapana Shree, Sanjeep Pradhan and Sarishma Amatya. Nalina Chitrakar, comedy singer Ratan Subedi, Jagadish Samal and a lot of other singers.

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