OMG – There are more Nepali singers in USA than in Nepal

The title might not be 100 percent true but when I rephrase, it will be 100 percent true: “There are more popular Nepali singers in USA than in Nepal“. A lot of popular singers have gone to the USA and haven’t returned back to Nepal.

[Video report coming soon.]

One of the earliest and most popular singer Prem Raja Mahat is a celebrity in USA among Nepali people. He is considered a link to meet new and old Nepalese in the Eastern USA.

The singer of the popular song ‘Saili ..’, Hemanta Rana has also been living in the USA for a while. He sang the song when he was in a vacation in Nepal. According to reports, the musician and one of the judges of Nepal Idol, first season, Nhyhu Bajracharya has also got Green Card and has moved to USA. He had composed the music of the popular song ‘Phulko Aankhama Phulai Sansara … ”

Other popular singers include Sapana Shree, Sanjeep Pradhan and Sarishma Amatya. Nalina Chitrakar, comedy singer Ratan Subedi, Jagadish Samal and a lot of other singers.

Here is the full list of Nepali singers, musician and lyricists – who were popular in Nepal before they went to the USA. If you know more singers and musicians please comment so that I can update this list (The list is randomly arranged – the number attached to the name is random and doesn’t represent any meaning, used just to count the artists):

  1. Prem Raja Mahat
  2. Sapana Shree
  3. Jagadish Samal
  4. Nalina Chitrakar
  5. Ram Prasad Khanal
  6. Ratan Subedi (comedy singer)
  7. Harish Mathema
  8. Nisha Sunar
  9. Sanjeep Pradhan
  10. Sarishma Amatya
  11. Raju Lama (married actress Pooja Chand)
  12. Mohan Bhusal
  13. Roshan Gurung
  14. Pawan Oli
  15. Srijan Tamrakar
  16. Meen Darlami
  17. Bhagawan Bhandari
  18. Sabitri Shah
  19. Suman Budhamagar
  20. Shanti Bhandari
  21. Shyam Gurung
  22. Shyam Nepali
  23. Sangita Mukhiya
  24. Bishow Tenzing
  25. Pabita Pariyar
  26. Nirmala Bhandari
  27. Sarita Dangi
  28. Meen KC
  29. Om Karmacharya
  30. Nar Bahadur Dahal
  31. Sangita Thapa Magar
  32. Bikash Bista
  33. Prakash Acharya
  34. Meera Gurung
  35. Dhana Lama
  36. Shakun Gwyali
  37. Ramesh Thapa
  38. Basanti Rai
  39. Rajendra Rai
  40. Nhuchhe Narayan Dongol
  41. Geeta Barlakoti
  42. Prem Senchury
  43. Anggelu Sherpa
  44. Tilak Shrestha
  45. Ganesh Parajuli
  46. Sirjana Lama
  47. Bimal Dangi
  48. Yam Baral
  49. Narandra Pyasi
  50. Abhaya Dhungel
  51. Kanhaya Singh
  52. Binod Roka
  53. Anjana Gurung
  54. Bambu Sherpa
  55. Karna Daas
  56. Nhyu Bajracharya
  57. Nima Rumba
  58. Tilak Bam Malla
  59. Surendra Man Singh (Karma Band)
  60. Hemanta Rana (Saili .. )
  61. Shyam Sundar (Timilai Chahanu maile mero bhul ho bhane)

Please comment if I there are singers who are missing in the list or if some of them are not in USA or, if any of them is not a singer or musician. Thank you.

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