Truth of Shrisha Karki suicide case of 2002, was it a fake news?

Actress Shrisha Karki committed suicide in August of 2002 after a photo was published in a tabloid, ‘Jana Aastha’. The death of the 24-years old actress shocked the entire film industry. The film artists went to streets with demand to arrest and prosecute the journalist who published the photo in the newspaper. The editor of the weekly, Kishor Shrestha, went into hiding and everybody was looking for him. People vandalized the newspaper office. It was one of the very bad incident in the history of the Nepali film industry. But, nobody was arrested or prosecuted.

It has been 16 years of the incident – in 2018, the journalist, Kishor Shrestha is the acting chief of the official media watchdog of the Nepal Government, Press Council Nepal.

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