New Twist in Shrisha Karki case – Uddhav Bhandari committed suicide in UK

One of the most sad moment in the Nepali film industry was in 2002 when actress Shrisha Karki committed suicide over a photo published in a weekly tabloid – ‘Jana Aastha’. The whole film industry was shocked by the extreme action taken by the aspiring actress and everybody accused the journalist of causing the distress to the actress.

Case was filed against the chief editor of the newspaper – Kishor Shrestha and two writers mentioned in the news article. But, they all got cleared because the case wasn’t prepared well. None of the accused were punished for the action. The newspaper editor, Kishor Shrestha, later told that the photo of the actress was taken by a police officer and given to them. Everybody believed the police officer, Uddhav Bhandari, was the main culprit.

But, when I went back to the case and did a little research – the truth seem to be something else. It seems, Uddhav Bhandari was used by the journalist just to make a case. It seems, Bhandari doesn’t have anything to do with the case.

A summary of my conspiracy theory is :
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