3-days-long Kathmandu Short Film Festa 2013 going on

A 3-days-long short film festival is being organized in Kathmandu by ChayaChhabi Creation. The festival starting on Friday in Mandala Theater will wrap up on the new year, Baisakh 1 (April 16) after featuring 49 short films and documentaries.

The entry in the Kathmandu Short Film Festa-2013 costs Rs. 50 and the students get a 50 percent discount. The festa will feature short films ranging from 5-minutes to 45-minutes in length.  Some of the noted short films to be featured in the festival are : ‘Adikavi Bhanubhakta’, ‘Kathmandu’, ‘ Katha Ek Raat Ko’ etc.

Noted director Yadav Kharel is scheduled to inaugurate the festival. 37 short films and documentaries will be evaluated by a judging committee to award the first prize of Rs. 10,000. Other awards include Jury award, Public Choice Award, Best Message Film, and Encouragement Award.

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