3 Juliets of Hassan Raza Khan ‘Romeo’

Hassan Raza Khan has formally announced his upcoming movie ‘Romeo’ in a program held in Kathmandu. Although it was informally announced during his birthday in February, it took a while to finalize the artists and the start of the movie. The name of the movie ‘Romeo’ and one of the actresses, Oshima Banu were announced in February of 2016. In addition to Oshima Banu two more actresses were announced in the formal announcement.

Watch a video report:

In addition to Oshima two other actresses in the movie are Nisha Adhikari and Melina Manandhar. The roles of the actors in the movie are kept secret, but they are likely to be featured as the Juliets of the lead character who is probably named Romeo – after the name of the movie. So, if the lad actor Hassan Khan is featured as Romeo, three probable Juliets are :

  • Oshima Banu
  • Melina Manandhar
  • Nisha Adhikari

Let me discuss more about the so-called Juliets of ‘Romeo’:

Oshima Banu – The actress, Oshima Banu is told to be the first actress of Muslim religion in the Nepali movie industry. Oshima is a successful fashion model and an entrepreneur running a fashion business, House of Fashion.

Oshima Banu was also one of the contestants of Miss Nepal 2013. She was the winner of the Face of Classic Diamond 2012.

Nisha Adhikari – The actress Nisha Adhikari is the first and the only Nepali actress to climb Mt. Everest. She is also trained in film making in the USA. The actress had recently changed her name to Nisha Adhikari Malla, Malla being the surname of her mother. Watch a video report on why Nisha changed her name:

Melina Manandhar – Melina Manandhar had reduced her on-screen appearance after marrying actor Mukesh Dhakal. After giving birth to her son in 2010, she hasn’t acted in many movies. So, ‘Romeo’ can be considered the comeback movie of Melina. The mother of a child, Melina still looks young and beautiful. (A link to Melina’s biography is given in the Reference section.)



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