5 New Nepali films you shouldn’t miss (watch full movies)

I have compiled a list of five new Nepali movies that you should watch. All of them have different flavour and are of the quality comparable with Bollywood and Hollywood movies. The first must watch movie ‘Classic’ is a serious love story, ‘Chhaka Panja’ is a full-fledge comedy, the love story movie ‘Gajalu’ is a social drama, ‘Pashupati Prasad’ is beautifully told and based on reality, a teenage love story movie ‘Dreams’ appeal to the youth and older alike.

1. Classic

‘Classic’ featuring Namrata Shrestha and Aryan Sigdel in leading roles. Both the leading characters are blind and their acting is exceptional. That is the reason both Namrata and Aryan had won Best Actress and Best Actor awards respectively. Namrata was the undisputed Best Actress in every Nepali movie awards held this year. In almost all the awards, ‘Classic’ was the winner of the most awards.

Watch ‘Classic’ full movie here:

2. Chhaka Panja

‘Chhaka Panja’ is a record breaking comedy movie featuring well known comedian of Nepal. The movie directed by Deepa Shree Niraula has broken numerous records including highest grossing movie in the Nepali cinema industry. The movie was recently released online after being a victim of piracy.

3. Pashupati Prasad

A funny and entertaining drama movie ‘Pashupati Prasad’ was also one of the movies selected to represent Nepal in Oscars.

4. Gajalu

The movie about the ancient tradition of Kumari and the love story of an ex-kumari was liked by viewers. The movie featuring beautiful ex-Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha with Anmol KC established Shristi as an actress in the Nepali film industry.

5. Dreams

Another Anmol KC movie was the debut of his father Bhuwan KC as a film director. Actress Samragyee RL Shah had also debuted in the movie as an actress. Samragyee has established herself as a beautiful and talented actress.

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