Top 5 Priyanka Karki Scandals – wardrobe malfunction to affairs

Scandals and actresses go hand in hand. Nobody can top the actress Rekha Thapa in terms of scandals. The actress with the potential to be the top actress, Priyanka Karki, is no less popular in terms of scandals. I have collected five top scandals Priyanka Karki has gone through in the past:

1. Priyanka Karki car purchase scandal

I wrote the full details about the rumour in Priyanka Karki car purchase scandal.

What had happened?

  • Actress Priyanka Karki had purchased and proudly showed-off, a vehicle.
  • Priyanka told that she was proud that she had paid the vehicle by her own income.
  • But, the news didn’t turn as Priyanka had expected. The online media accused Priyanka of using earthquake victim funds to purchase the vehicle. Priyanka had to write a long message to explain why she was hurt by the news.

The Verdict 

The news were fake. Nobody could prove the accusation.

2. Wardrobe Malfunction

That was the event of ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’ – Priyanka was sitting and looking in her phone. Her underwear was peeking under her blue skirt. Some photographers took the picture and it went viral. Priyanka accused the photographer of using photoshop to make up the photo. The battle turned sour and the film journalist association had to step in to solve the problem. The FJAN asked the actress for clarification. She wrote a very long letter in her defence.

(report on the incident)

3. Affair and Relationships

Although there were rumours of affair of Priyanka with actors in the past including Karma Shakya, none of them were confirmed affairs. Her 2010 marriage was a total surprise.

Priyanka Karki and Rochak Mainali

Priyanka made news when she got married even before she finished her bachelor’s degree. She had fallen in love with a guy in her college in the USA. It was a marriage in a hurry and they separated in an equal hurry. They got married in 2010 and divorced in around 2012. Although Priyanka accused that Rochak Mainali wasn’t happy by her carrier in the film industry, it is not clear what prompted the divorce. (divorce news)

Rochak Mainali found another girl to marry in the first quarter of 2017. The engagement and one of the fainting of Priyanka had occurred at the same time – prompting the relationship between the two incidents. (Read more about the incident)

Priyanka and Dayahang Rai

Priyanka was very close to Dayahang Rai. When people started asking about their relationship she had hard time explaining her relationship with the married Rai. According to rumour, Priyanka’s relationship with Dayahang Rai is not as cordial as it used to be these days.

Priyanka and Ayushman

Priyanka and Ayushman are good friends. They have also given voices to a number of cover songs and are also working together in a movie titled ‘Katha Kathmandu’. Ayushman debuted as an actor in ‘Chapali Height 2’ with his girlfriend Pramita RL Rana. But, in his second movie, Ayushman’s opposite is Priyanka not Paramita.

There was a rumour that Priyanka Karki was behind the breakup of actress Paramita RL Rana and Ayushman Desraj Joshi Shrestha. (Read the report)

Online comment controversy

This was the controversy she created herself. She told that she was not happy by the comments she receives in the social media. (Read about the controversy)

But, the few days after the status she was seen in a nearly transparent dress in the ‘How Funny’ premier show.

Video report about the incident:

5. Fainting in shooting location

Prianka Karki had fainted for at least four time in the shooting set. One or two time might be a normal but when one faints for more than three times, that is really abnormal. Priyanka’s doctor had also asked her to take a 15-days-long rest. But, it seems, she is trying to kill herself by working too much.

Or, is it the loneliness that is killing her? Read the analysis in this post.

Priyanka Karki’s car:


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