Actress Nisha Adhikari appointed brand ambassador of E-20 car

Nepali actress Nisha Adhikari is selected the brand ambassador of environment friendly Mahendra car E-20. In a ceremony held in Hayat Regency Hotel, Nisha started the sales of the car in Nepal. In the program, journalist Kunda Dikshit bought a car and became the first owner of the car in Nepal.

nisha adhikari removes the cover from E20 car

Nisha said, "It was an awesome experience to be announced the official brand ambassador for E20."  Talking about the benefits of the car, Nisha says, "It has the most amazing apps and is a perfect vehicle for Nepal."

Nisha adds, "Kunda Dixit, was the first buyer and declared that just writing about environmental issues and not implementing them in his own life would make no sense hence he had been driving electric since a long time and loved the new features of e20. The 3D projection (1st time in Nepal) was mind blowing."

Nisha also thanked ‘Cabi dai’ and the entire team of Mahindra and Agni Group for successfully launching the car in Nepal and running the program without any error.

Some photos of the ceremony (photo credit – Nisha Adhikari).

nisha adhikari brand ambassador 2

nisha adhikari brand ambassador

nisha with car team

nisha with e20 car team

nisha car

nisha adhikari poses besides e20

nisha shows off e20 car

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