Again, Priyanka Karki & Ayushman Desraj got engaged – this one is offical

This is the second surprising engagement of Priyanka and Ayushman. The first one was sudden and surprising. They didn’t know about the event. So, the event was held on the day Priyanka was flying to the USA. She postponed her ticket for the event. May be because it was held in such a hurry, both Priyanka and Ayushman were not satisfied. So, they held another engagement – a formal one with a lot of fun filled celebration. The event was held in a 5-star hotel in Kathmandu with the family friends and family.

The journalists were surprised as none were invited to the party. The film industry personalities weren’t invited either. So, it was a personal event with personal friends and families. A video report:

Priyanka wrote this post and shared some of the photos of the engagement. Both Priyanka and Ayushman had shared the same photos:

Maya, I can't promise you that dark clouds will never hover over our lives or that the future will bring us many rainbows.. I can't promise you that tomorrow will be perfect or that life will be easy.. What I can however promise is every ounce of my being, my loyalty, my respect and my unconditional love for the rest of your life (like how you say it) I can promise that I will always be here for you, to listen and to hold your hand, to make you feel loved, understood and cherished. I can promise that I will see you through any crisis, and solve it with you, dream with you, build with you, fall with you and rise with you and always encourage you and be your strongest pillar in good times and in the bad. I can promise that I will willingly be your protector, your advisor, your counselor, your best friend, your family, your everything. With this ring, I promise you this❤ Forever yours❤ #1111 #thankyouuniverse✨ #ayanka #engagement #iloveyou P.S (Parts of this poem taken from a poem I read somewhere. Author unknown)

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This is what Ayushma Desraj Joshi has to say about the engagement:

And Raveena Desraj Shrestha has also written a long status in her instagram:

11.8.2018❣️❣️ A Momentously Special occasion that had my emotional state out of control with public displays of a feeling I've never experienced. It had me breaking down on numerous occasions and looking back today, I know it was my Heart's overflow of Love for @yatzeee my first born and @priyanka.karki a daughter Destiny forgot to give me so now has brought into my Life thru Ayushman. The 'official' engagement with an exchange of rings and a truly Magical evening and crazy Celebratory night (which only those who were there till 5 in the morn today know of). My darlings, my advice that I give to You is to Trust in each other and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Remember to be each other's Strength when confronting Life's heartaches. But most of all just LOVE. Completely and without reserve. Do that and You will be Blessed with the Happiness both of you deserve. This is part of what I wished to say to You both in the toast before dinner but my throat got all choked up and I didn't get around to expressing this. I Love You very very much and I will be there for You both Forever and Always❤️❤️❤️

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Congratulation Priyanka and Ayushman!
I wish you a very happy and prosperous life ahead!

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